Parody Parlour Takes Art to Funny Heights with Unconventional Twists

Parody Parlour taking art to funny heights

Art is without limits, and Parody Parlour, the one of its kind place on the internet where art meets fun, is where the extraordinary is given a different twist. The secret - pick up any popular character, and add to it a funny or whacky riff. This is the style that Parody Parlour has perfected.

Humour can blend perfectly well with both popular and classical art. Parody Parlour makes it hip, unique and even silly. Conventions can be turned upside down, and worn proudly on the streets as well. That's what Parody Parlour as an art studio is about.

"At Parody Parlour, we're all about fun when it comes to our kind of art. A contemporary art studio, we've established ourselves as key players in the Kuala Lumpur art industry. It's been a journey to get to this point, filled with ideas and fantasies," says Jahow See of Parody Parlour.

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Among the collection is Superbelly. The McJoker concept is uniquely brought out in this fine quality canvas print. Late night fill-up or two-for-one deal at the doughnut shop, this art print, designed in 2016, brings out the fun of the waist line in its own way.

Why So Hungry will be liked by those who want their cheese now. It's meant to lighten up and take a stroll or to let some steam off. This cool print will not go out of style and is good for all places to make the ambience lighthearted and cool.

Another interesting piece of fun art is The Magical Moment, where the meeting of the two fingers can be interpreted in many ways. It could be a team of superheroes turning a tragedy into an occasion to pledge and keep humanity safe. And it reminds us of the most iconic scene in the 'ET' movie.

Ghost Cyclist carries the environment message in a demonic twist. A motorcyclist possessed by a spirit of vengeance, but also making everyone conscious of the bike's emissions. The skull may not burn, but fossil fuels do.

All fine quality canvas prints are durable and long lasting. The prints are shipped framed and unframed, and are available from Parody Parlour in four sizes. Shipping takes 5-7 business days.
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