Parody on Clothes Makes for Cool Art at Online Store Parody Parlour

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Art and clothes have long been associated with popular culture, and this undying relation can be seen every day at work, on the streets and virtually everywhere. Parody Parlour, the online store of parody art clothing, has introduced very unique and unconventional styles - the LYAO Collection and the Just Kidding Collection.

"Take your favourite character. Now, make him or her a little different. That's our style! Hip, unique, and maybe a little or very silly, we're all about turning conventions over one after another," says Jahow See.

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LYAO stands for Laugh Your Ass Off, and features superheroes. That alone says a lot about the uniqueness of this approach. We can make fun of superheroes too, and in a cool and artistic way. The debut collection of Parody Parlour, LYAO T-shirts feature favorite superhero characters, but these are no ordinary depiction.

The LYAO collection breaks away from the way superheroes are normally depicted. It gives them a new life and character with a fun twist. Fans of superhero movies will be delighted to wear their favorite superheroes in ways never seen before.

The Teeth Of Steel shirt will never fail to bring a smile on onlookers, for the superhero does have metal braces on the teeth. The Magical Moment is the act of creation of two fingers, but this time there are superheroes too, and the act could be seen in many different ways, as the iconic scene we saw in 'ET' movie.

The Just Kidding Collection is silly and zany, but true to its art. It takes public figures and famous works of art, and adds its own humorous riff. There are fanciful hot takes, and art work that will make onlookers smile with amusement.

All crew neck T-shirts are trendy relaxed cut, made with 100% extra soft cotton. The style is short sleeves with silkscreen breathable print. The products are available in Men and Women from sizes S to XL.

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