Parkour Factory Releases New Line of Parkour Obstacles

Parkour Factory, a division of the AirTrack Factory US family, has a new line of gym equipment for parkour and freerunning training.

Parkour Factory, a division of the AirTrack Factory US family, produces blocks and crash pads for gyms and individuals to create a safe parkour practice space. The sport of parkour has changed in many ways since its beginnings in France. As the founders of the discipline split to pursue their own training journeys, they differentiated their styles based on the goals and motivations behind the training. Three distinct but related disciplines evolved: Parkour, freerunning, and Art Du Déplacement. Parkour and freerunning have grown to be bigger than sports; they have become part of a subculture movement, appealing to those with humble hearts and agile bodies.

Practicing parkour in the urban obstacles of cities and parks requires tracers to develop both physical and mental strength. The drive to practice and challenge one’s limits led some passionate practitioners to open gyms dedicated to parkour and freerunning. Additionally, many traditional gymnastic facilities have added parkour and freerunning programs.

Gyms provide a safe place to master the balance, coordination and agility, as well as mental fortitude and humility that are hallmarks of parkour practice. The inherent danger in practicing parkour outdoors on concrete is injury from slips, falls, crashes and improper landings.

Parkour Factory’s blocks are efficiently designed to meet the training needs for all levels of parkour practitioners. Parkour equipment should have no wood or metal components or obstacles. Foam blocks must be sturdy and stable enough not to slide or tip during a vault, and they must be dense to hold off wear and tear.

The durable blocks in the new product line come in 3 shapes: a standard block, a trapezoid, and a six-foot tall wedge.

The Classic Block measures two feet high, three feet wide, and 4 feet long.

The Trapezoid measures four feet high, with a five-foot by five-foot base, and a four-foot by four-foot top.

The Tower Wedge has a six-foot long flat side, opposite a sloped side with a two-foot by four-foot top and a three-foot by four-foot base.

Each block has velcro strips that can be affixed to one another, forming bigger obstacles and increasing each other's stability.

The products are sold individually or as bundles to fit the space and training levels of different consumers and gyms.

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