Paramus Physical Therapy Pros Mark Thirteen Years In Service

Paramus-based Apex Orthopedic Rehabilitation has been offering the knowledge and experience of its staff to the people of the Bergen County area since 2004. The focus of the practice includes spinal pain, orthopedics, and sports.

Apex Orthopedic Rehabilitation and owner, Tom Willemann are pleased to announce that they have reached a milestone with the Paramus physical therapy practice. Since 2004, the professional team has been providing care to the residents of Paramus, New Jersey, Bergen County and the surrounding area. The three top categories of diagnosis, therapy, and care are the spine, orthopedics and sports injuries. The patients are helped to move and feel better without reliance on unnecessary injections, medications, and additional doctor appointments.

In an interview recently, Tom Willemann explained, “We will reduce your spinal and sciatica pain and weakness and increase your mobility, including specialized spinal manual therapies from the McKenzie Institute. Our commitment is to restore your mobility and functionality with a short recovery period.”

“When it comes to sports-related therapy” he continues, “We will help you realize your physical potential whether you are a weekend golfer, a pro athlete or just want to be able to pick up your grandkids again. We will use our time-tested strategies to heal you after an injury and guide you back to your best performance level.”

Orthopedic treatments help to remedy injuries with alternative modalities to prevent surgical intervention. If surgery is required, the professional team provides rehabilitative physical therapy pre- and post-surgery. The therapy covers hips, shoulders, knees, feet, and ankles. Arthritic symptoms and injuries respond well to the treatments.

The team at AOR is committed to working with a team of highly trained and dedicated clinicians who work tirelessly to meet the unique needs of every individual. They understand that no one solution fits all. To address various physical therapy and orthopedic needs, the professional team uses the McKenzie Method. Everything is handled in the safest and most efficient way possible. The collaborative method brings together both clinicians and patients, fostering a self-maintenance practice which is observed on a daily basis.

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