Paper Packaging Industry To Grow Further Post EU And UK Bans On Single Use Plastic

Paper packaging company Printed Paper Cups are pleased to announce an increase in popularity of their products in wake of the single use plastic ban. The business is encouraging all clients to commit to biodegradable PLA packaging for their customers.

Syphus Printed Paper Cups is pleased to announce a fresh level of demand for the products they provide. Biodegradable/compostable cups by the company have increased in popularity. The business believes this is due to a new ban on single-use plastics which will make PLA lined paper cups the future for takeaway food, beverage delivery and packaging.

In 2018, Scyphus Printed Paper Cups launched their own PLA line bio cups range, under their trademarked BioBoard ™ 100% Biodegradable cups. In 2019, the company has begun to slowly phase out PE coated cups, moving towards their aim of being 100% bio.

The PLA coating for their cups is made from corn starch. It is 100% biodegradable and compostable. The business only uses the best quality European high-grade PLA for their products and the new bio cups are no different to PE coated cups physically. They provide the same weight, size and user experience. However, since the PLA cups are 100% organic and nontoxic, Scyphus is keen to point out they are safe for the planet and customers of clients. The business is also keen to announce that their entire product range is available in the bio cup style they offer. With PLA based products, Scyphus is providing their clients with products that offer value proposition of zero material carbon footprints. As well as this unique advantage, the company claims the new cups provide the same level of waterproofing and grease resistance as similar PE products.

Syphus is keen for all their customers to choose PLA coated biodegradable paper cups. The business believes that by doing this, their clients will be able to contribute to the reduction of landfills that are overflowing and keep the environment clean. As well as this, the business believes that by offering this packaging to their customers, clients will be able to create a higher level of trust around their brand image.

One of the UK’s leading companies in the packaging products industry, Printed Paper Cups offer a range of different products for clients. This includes branded paper cups, pasta pots, ice cream cups and much more. Aiming to keep costs low and quality standards high, the business has built up a fantastic reputation on the market.

Scyphus has recognized the trends on the market that show customers want greener products. One report from PR Newswire suggests that 89% of consumers would be more likely to buy from a green friendly company. With their new range of PLA products, Scyphus is making sure their clients can become the companies customers support on the market.

More information about Scyphus Printed Paper Cups can be found on their website. Alternatively the company can be contacted directly using the information provided below.

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