Pandemic Pups: Proprietary Formula Proves Promising in Dogs With Generalized Anxiety

Study by OKOA Pet shows positive results for dogs suffering depression anxieties with owners away at work.

As people return to the workplace, it is a daunting task to ease separation anxiety for dogs who are so used to having owners around 24/7. An option being explored to ease suffering in dogs is CBD. CBD products for dogs have seen decreases in anxiety levels, destructive behavior, hyperactivity, fears (especially loud noises), as well as general restlessness. Behaviors such as excessive scratching, issues with food or appetite, and separation anxiety also see reductions.

One veterinary medical study performed in early 2021 with 98 qualified, nationally recruited subject dogs was conducted by RJ Silver DVM, MS and Zipporah R. Abraham Paiss of OKOA Pet. They reviewed a CBD-nutraceutical proprietary formula’s effect on dog behaviors such as generalized anxiety, hyperactivity, depressiveness, and separation anxiety characterized by nervous behavior or destructiveness.

This study, “The Positive Behavioral Impact of a CBD-containing Nutraceutical Formulation on Privately-Owned Dogs” took a broad-spectrum, CBD-nutraceutical blend, contained in a soft chew “dosage-form treat” and evaluated it for its impact on behavioral considerations in client-owned dogs. A 20-item questionnaire was formulated by OKOA Pet to help determine this impact.

Behavior problems in dogs account for the highest percentage of pet relinquishments to animal shelters. Many of those dogs relinquished are not able to be sufficiently rehabilitated in order to be readopted and thus are subsequently euthanized. CBD products can help curb many unwanted behaviors while promoting a healthy, happy lifestyle for dogs at home as owners transition back to the working world.

OKOA is from the Hawaiian word ‘Oko’a, with meanings of transparent, different, and whole. OKOA Pet is made up of experienced professionals, veterinarians, and scientists who have turned passion into a career. Located in Boulder, Colorado, their mission statement is happy, healthy pets.

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