Panda 4 Recovery Guide Published By Supremacy SEO

Supremacy SEO has created a new guide to Panda 4.0, detailing causes of Panda and how to fix effected sites quickly.

Search engine visibility has become vital to many small businesses, and many simply cannot survive without it. The traffic from search engines is free and for businesses that rank well it brings qualified hot buyers on autopilot. Unfortunately Google and Matt Cutts the head of their spam team are constantly tweaking their algorithms and releasing major updates. The latest update as reported by Matt Cutts was Panda 4.0 and many businesses have been crippled by its effects.

Leading SEO experts Supremacy SEO have moved swiftly to help businesses by releasing a guide to Panda 4.0 Recovery. The in-depth guide explains what Panda is and what causes businesses to be hit by this update.

Supremacy SEO explains that the major causes of Panda are

1. Duplicate content on a site
2. Thin content
3. Spun content
4. Poor click through rates and high bounce rates
5. Too many ads above the fold
6. Unrelated ads
7. Keyword over optimization
8. Cloaking
9. Poor internal site structure and coding

A spokesperson for Supremacy SEO explained, “The good news for businesses is that Panda is the simplest update to recover from if you have the correct advice and you take action. Panda attempts to identify low quality sites and looks at some of the issues we have detailed in our guide to determine if a site is low quality. Google uses mathematical algorithms to determine if your site is low quality, it’s a guess based on a formula. The major trigger points are content – is it spun, duplicate or have a low word count, site structure – does the site have too many prominent ads, does it load slowly and finally user behaviour – do users want to visit the site and if they do visit it do they stick around or leave immediately. This may sound complicated but it’s not, it’s very simple to correct. Our guide details how to avoid future updates and gives people several ways to recover from Panda instantly.”

About Supremacy SEO: Supremacy SEO is an established leader in the search engine optimization world. They are known for higher level theories, and outside the box tactics. Owned and operated by SEO Pro Travis Jamison, their website features regular posts from guest writers, and they offer their clients SEO that actually works.

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