Panaswap Protocols Revolutionizes the Automated Market Maker Space

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Users can farm $PANA on Panaswap’s crypto farm to generate revenue.

The Panaswap team has excitedly announced one of its projects on the Cardano ecosystem, a cross-chain automated market maker protocol. The company solves some of the major challenges that most decentralized finance projects have to contend with through low fees and exceptionally fast transaction settlements.

Panaswap uses $PANA, its native token, to power the ecosystem. Users can pay trading fees or for transactions with $PANA or use it as a part of the project’s governance structure.

Panaswap Usage

Panaswap utilizes a 2-step process protocol:

• Connect your digital wallet to the Panaswap Protocol after launching it.
• Generate revenue by participating in a liquidity pool, swapping tokens, or staking your tokens.

Features of the Panaswap Protocol

Some Panaswap Protocol’s features are:

• Farm

You can farm $PANA on Panaswap’s crypto farm to generate revenue.

• Swap

Users can effortlessly swap between stablecoins and Cardano-based tokens on its platform.

• Stake

You can also generate revenues by staking $PANA on Panaswap.

• Pool

Panaswap offers its users a golden opportunity for revenue generation by allowing them to commit their digital assets to a liquidity pool. Existing businesses and startups can leverage this opportunity to approach the pool for resources and pay interest on them. The interest realized from such loans will be distributed among liquidity providers.


• 300,000,000 total supply
• 15% to funding team.
• 15% to ISPO.
• 20% to seed round.
• 10% to liquidity allocation.
• 8% to marketing and partnership.
• 6% as locked ecosystem tokens.
• 8% for public pre-sale.

About Panaswap

Panaswap is a decentralized automated market maker and crypto exchange powered by the Cardano Blockchain on which it was built. The platform was created to cater to the needs of crypto investors looking for transparency and low fees. As a yield optimizer, Panaswap’s goal is to offer liquidity providers increased capital efficiency.

It was designed to improve the accuracy and convenience of Cardano native asset. This makes it a flexible project with a swap structure.

The project also offers an impressive list of decentralized finance services that are designed to attract more users to the Cardano ecosystem.


Contact Info:
Name: Panaswap
Email: Send Email
Organization: Panaswap
Address: UK/London

Release ID: 89060110

Name: Panaswap
Email: Send Email
Organization: Panaswap
Address: UK/London