Pampered Piglets Hits Out At ‘Misguided’ Activists After Online Attacks On Micro Pig Breeders

Pampered Piglets are a reliable, high quality breeder of micro pigs and teacup pigs, and has criticized activists who claim people shouldn’t have these animals as domestic pets.

Righteous indignation is a way in which many people choose to express how they feel about certain issues in the world, and where injustice, abuse of rights and mistreatment abound, that reaction is entirely justified. However, inevitably many people looking for the next battle can step over a line, and begin to protest things that bring joy, comfort and happiness to people’s lives. Teacup pigs are one of those things. Pampered Piglets is speaking out against the rise in abuse against micro pig breeders by animal rights activists claiming people shouldn’t have pets.

The company is criticizing the activists for their methods and approach, which includes smear campaigns and targeted abuse on social media outlets, as well as filling email inboxes with abusive messages and spreading misinformation about how these pigs are bred.

Contrary to rumors, Pampered Piglets is assuring all their new and potential owners that teacup pigs are not starved or stunted in any way and have been selectively bred for their compact size. The site has also published full details of their breeding pairs so individuals can see first-hand the size of adult pigs and make an informed decision on ownership.

A spokesperson for Pampered Piglets explained, “If there are breeders out there who are abusing and starving normal sized pigs to make them appear like teacup pigs that is abhorrent and must end. We believe in the fair and appropriate treatment of all animals and rear our pigs with love and care and we select families who will bring them up in that same kind of environment. To prevent any misunderstandings, we share full details about our adult pigs, both male and female, so individuals can make informed, educated choices and understand the responsibilities of ownership before they commit.”

About Pampered Piglets: Pampered Piglets are a small breeder with only a select, elite group of teacup breeder pigs, weighing from eight to forty pounds total, guaranteeing true micro pigs. The company chooses its select group of adults based on size and personality, spays and neuters all pet pigs to preserve their health and offer affordable financing options for individuals who wish to own a teacup pig.

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