Paleo Diet and Fitness Launches To Provide UK Home For Paleo Diet Resources

Paleo Diet and Fitness has created a new website with the aim of becoming the UK centre for paleo diet, exercise and lifestyle guidance, created by successful paleo author Rebecca Field.

Paleolithic man was a hunter gatherer who lived in small societies that lived off what they could find from the land. After natural disasters took away the ability to live this way, agriculture began to become the norm and people adapted their environment to them, and not themselves to their environment, ever since. That is why some people believe the processed foods of today are having an adverse affect on our body’s natural state. The Paleo Diet was created as a response, and Paleo Diet and Fitness is a new website dedicated to helping people find out more about this healthy lifestyle choice.

The Paleo Diet aims to take people back to only the kind of nutrients that would have been available to man as a hunter gatherer, meaning processed foods like bread and baked goods, microwave meals and hydrogenated fat are completely eliminated. The result is a healthier, better functioning body.

Paleo Diet and Fitness ( expounds this philosophy in detail with a guide to paleo diet, exercise and lifestyle choices that can make the conversion easy, fun and exciting. The website is run by those who have undertaken the transformation and have found their lives all the better for it.

A spokesperson for Paleo Diet and Fitness explained, “Our new site includes detailed resources and guides, recipes, packages and cheat sheets to make Paleo as easy as possible for newcomers. Our books provide detailed resources for advanced practitioners, and we have information on yoga and Tabata to help people understand how they can further optimize their healthier body. Our editor, Rebecca, has lived this way since 2009 and has felt a transformation as a result, and she aims to help others experience the same. The site is comprehensive already, and this is only the beginning, meaning many more articles to come.”

About Paleo Diet and Fitness: Paleo Diet and Fitness has been created to provide a UK based resource for all things Paleo. The site aims to provide advice, support and inspiration to those following a Paleo lifestyle, or those interested to find out more about it. The site is regularly updated and is overseen by a successful author of Paleo e-books.

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