Paid-Per-View Image Hosting Site Launches New Image Protection Technology

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Renowned as the world’s largest free-to-use paid per view image hosting site, ClickaSnap is launching revolutionary technology designed to prevent image theft.

ClickaSnap is a global brand with a focus on helping individuals earn money from their photography work. They use a variety of different means to ensure that people can share their images online, without worrying about them being stolen and used without credit of payment. Recently, they produced a brand new piece of technology, which is referred to as WIPT.

The company states that WIPT stands for Watermark-less Image Protection Technology. It’s being marketed as a free add-on to their Pro accounts, which any user can sign up for. The sole purpose of this technology is to stop regular PC users from merely print screening images, and then using them for free.

A reputation for innovation

Ever since ClickaSnap first went live, it received a reputation for being innovative. WIPT is the latest in a long line of things that have been introduced to combat the ease with which photos can be copied online. The team behind the site are keen to keep introducing technology and updating the website as more and more users find ways to steal photos.

The typical ways to copy an online image is to either right-click and copy it, or press the print screen button. Most image sharing sites make it impossible to right-click and copy, but print screening is still very much at large. The only solution to this is putting watermarks on images, but that can ruin the resolution and requires additional effort for the photographer.

With WITP, it’s not possible for individuals to press the print screen button when viewing images on ClickaSnap. This means images can’t be copied, and no watermarks are required. The technology is still in the early stages of development and is not yet compatible with Apple Mac systems. However, initial signs suggest that it works well on Windows PC’s and that many users are impressed with the added protection their images receive.

The future of this technology

As per a video on the ClickaSnap blog, this image theft technology was developed on the beta version of their website. It’s now currently available to use, but developments will continue in the background as well. There have been talks of constant updates coming to the WIPT software in a bid to keep it up-to-date with current computer technology.

While nobody at ClickaSnap was available to comment on this, the reasonable guess is to assume the future will include more updates and developments to this technology. This is a company that’s built a reputation for offering more image protection than other hosting websites. Users seem to enjoy the service provided, and they look set to continue innovating the image sharing space.

More information is available from ClickaSnap’s press contact Tom Oswald. He is available via email at, or via phone on 0800 999 49 38. To check out the ClickaSnap website, go to

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