Page Bradley To Review Cases For Victims of Defective Zimmer Knee Implants

St. Louis, Missouri personal injury firm begins providing advice to victims who may have suffered injuries and complications from Zimmer knee implants.

Orthopedic surgery has worked wonders for many people. Through the use of orthopedic implants, injuries that may have been debilitating in the past can now be overcome. However, due to a series of product recalls in recent years, the orthopedic implant industry has fallen somewhat into disrepute. One notable recall is the Zimmer NextGen MIS Tibial Component, a knee replacement device. The device was recalled due to severe medical complications resulting from its use--complications which have subjected a large number of people to great amounts of pain and suffering.

The injury lawyers at Page Bradley are currently reviewing Zimmer knee implant claims. The problem with the Zimmer NextGen MIS Tibial Component is one of stability. The device has a propensity to loosen at the most crucial moving part, leading to complications such as knee stiffness, osteoarthritis and debilitating pain. Many devices have failed, requiring further knee surgeries.

A spokesperson for Page Bradley said: “Orthopedic implants are supposed to last a long time. That is how the manufacturers justify their high price tags. They are supposed to be engineered with the greatest precision and crafted from the most durable materials. Sadly, in some circumstances this isn’t the case, and it is the patients who suffer. While the FDA does have a rigorous testing process for orthopedic implants, in some cases parts of this process can be bypassed if the device is substantially similar to another device from the same manufacturer. This is what happened in the case of the Zimmer NextGen MIS Tibial Components. As a law firm, we’re extensively experienced in fighting large corporations in many types of cases in order to get justice for people who have been adversely affected by their negligence.”

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