Padgett Medical Center Now Offers Physician Managed Weight Loss Programs

Padgett medical center now offers physician managed weight loss programs to provide healthy way to lose weight at multiple clinic locations.

Padgett Medical Center now offers Physician Managed Weight Loss Program to provide a healthy way to lose weight at multiple clinic locations. This January millions of people have promised themselves to lose those extra pounds by starting a diet. The Boston Medical Center found that nearly 45 million Americans diet each year and spend $33 billion on weight-loss products in their pursuit of a better body. While a fitter figure is desired for optimal health, how one goes about it is just as important as the end result.

Many individuals are turning to this clinic for pain management and pain treatment. People are also now turning to Padgett Medical Center for Weight Loss in Tampa. It is their mission to teach people that weight issues are correctible, and overcoming them is the key to one's overall state of health and well-being. Under the direct care of a physician, they offer a comprehensive use of a patient's symptoms and goals, balancing the symphony of life integrated with proper fitness and nutrition.

Padgett Medical Centers’ program reviews not just the weight side of the equation, but focuses on issues associated with weight gain such as unwanted hormone imbalances, sexual dysfunction, low energy and stress. They know it is not a one-size-fits-all approach and bases individual treatment plans on each person's unique anatomy and physiology.

Their expert physicians will decide which treatment options will be best for the individual.
The clinic uses the best diagnostic tools to develop protocols and implementation of effective weight loss management. They make sure each one of their patients is treated holistically by offering exercise education, proper nutrition, supplementation, weight loss and detoxification whenever needed. They always offer a close physician/patient relationship, so individuals will receive superior care.

Padgett Medical Center is also a good information center for individuals who would like to learn about healthy medical protocols and they offer each of their patients a complimentary consultation to discuss any health issues they may be suffering from including low testosterone or menopausal symptoms.

Both exercise and weight loss, are carefully monitored with metrics to ensure a healthy weight loss. Many of their current weight loss patients have lost 20lbs or more in 30 days. Because obesity increases risk for type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and osteoarthritis of the weight bearing joints (knees, hips, and low back) its never too late to lost the weight.

Padgett Medical Center has been specializing in outpatient pain management and occupational therapy in Florida for over five years. The comprehensive weight loss and pain management treatments are offered by Board Certified doctors in Florida and Padgett Medical has other clinics around the state, such as their Ocala Clinic location. Treatment may be started with any of the locations by calling (813) 888-7710 or (352) 369-0104.

Padgett Medical offers the comprehensive treatments that are being shown to provide better outcomes, and have been recommended by the Institute of Medicine's latest report on effective weight loss and pain treatments.

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