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P90X3 Program Reviews was launched to provide a home for the most complete review of the new P90X system on the web, and recommend the program to fitness enthusiasts.

Fitness is at the forefront of most people’s minds in the New Year, and just before Christmas Tony Horton released the latest evolution of his revolutionary P90X program, a high intensity interval training series that allows individuals to sculpt their body in just three months. The program features some considerable departures from previous P90X workouts, and this has left many wondering whether it’s a superior option to the previous incarnations. P90X3 Program Reviews has published a detailed review of the program to help its readers and answer that question, and their opinion is clear.

Details of this revolutionary workout can be accessed here.

The new program comes in three different kits, the Base, Deluxe, and Ultimate pack, and the review details the differences in what is included with each version. The review then looks at the differences between this program and those that went before, with the key changes being in time and equipment requirements.

The new P90X3 has slashed the time required to get fantastic results.

The more flexible program also offers schedules designed to meet specific goals, including classic, lean, doubles and mass. Therefore the P90X3 program can be used flexibly to enable bulking, cutting, cardio and other fitness goals.

The program comes with a free Android and iPhone app for tracking progress, free online support and a nutrition guide to ensure participants have everything they need to maximize their success.

A Brad Dobie a fitness analyst for P90X3 Program Review explained, “P90X3 is the most intense workout series in the range because it crams the same amount of work into just 30 minutes per sessions, and unlike previous incarnations of P90X, requires minimal equipment to complete and so is perfect for those who don’t have much time and want to complete the regime in their home. The regime is also customisable to fit with your personal fitness goals, so everyone can get the results they want from this combination of exercises. In short, we recommend you purchase P90X3 and transform your body.”

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