P90X Reviews Launches Open Review Of Fitness Program And Invites Public Participation

P90X Reviews provides new unbiased information on the effectiveness of fitness programs and allows public participation.

Statistics from the health care industry indicate 74 percent of women and 46 percent of men are currently unhappy with their weight or physique. These figures are prompting millions to search for an effective workout program to aid in weight loss and improving muscle tone. In light of these facts, P90X Reviews has launched an open review of the P90X program, inviting the public to participate.

John Sherman of P90X Reviews confirmed, "Fitness and weight loss program reviews are readily available through countless websites; however, the vast majority of those reviews are very biased. They are falsely generated by affiliates of the program and only reveal points that will help promote the product in question and increase sales. Very few offer the degree of honesty we provide. We touch on both the benefits and the disadvantages of this program and others like it."

Continued Sherman, "A number of home workout videos focus primarily on aerobics and cardio training. People who follow those videos may effectively lose weight and see a substantial improvement in their appearance but, honestly, they could achieve the same type of results with any consistent exercise program. Burning calories is one of the key factors in weight loss, and calories are burned through any type of physical exertion. Unlike many of the available programs, P90X focuses on quickly and effectively building muscle. Since the program is available in three different varieties, those interested may choose from either the base, deluxe or ultimate kit. The deluxe and ultimate kits come complete with the equipment needed to successfully complete the workouts involved. Users can even tailor the workouts to provide their desired results."

Sherman stated, "We have found the P90X system to be effective in building muscle mass and tone, just as it is advertised to do, but there are a few basic points the program's website fails to mention. First of all, this program is not designed for beginners. Even those who are reasonably fit often find the workouts difficult. Secondly, the makers of the program make sure their customers have purchased their program before revealing that a more basic fitness program should be mastered before attempting the P90X workout. For our review website, we encourage anyone who has completed, or attempted to complete, this program to give us their opinion. Our ultimate goal is to provide the public with an honest, unbiased review."

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The staff of P90X Reviews is looking for new Workout DVD programs arriving on the market to review and try out. Their mission is to inform the public of the latest and greatest workout programs and bring to light both the programs that work and those that do not.

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