Ozone Washer Launches To Promote Revolutionary New EcoWasher Technology

Ozone Washer is a new website created to offer people the revolutionary new EcoWasher, a device that can save individuals over $700 a year on laundry without any astringent chemicals.

Washing machines are one of the highest consumers of energy in the household, especially when people engage in hot washes. What’s more, the cases of skin irritation have gone up in the last fifty years because of the astringent chemicals included in most detergents. Because of this, big businesses like hotels use alternative, revolutionary systems that effectively clean laundry without wasting energy on hot water and without dangerous chemicals. Those systems have been made available for the first time as a consumer product, the EcoWasher Pro Plus, which is now available from the new Ozone Washer (www.ozone-washer.com) website.

The EcoWasher cleans clothes that are irritant and odor free upon completion, and increases fabric lifespan because they free individuals from needing to use expensive detergents. They eliminate both germs and viruses and leave no trace chemicals to irritate skin, eliminating the need for fabric softeners. The EcoWasher preserves bright colors and is energy efficient, requiring no hot water.

The system is easy to install, 100% eco-friendly and can save individuals up over seven hundred dollars in the first year of use thanks to energy and detergent savings alone. To celebrate the launch of the product to the consumer market, the Ozone Washer website is offering a 30 day risk free return policy and an unbeatable price, below four hundred dollars, for the unit.

A spokesperson for The EcoWasher explained, “The EcoWasher is a truly revolutionary product as it has taken industrial scale technology and minimized it sufficiently for household use. It can be out of the box and attached to the washer in just ten minutes, and truly eliminates odors and germs instead of masking them like detergent. The biggest advantage to the EcoWasher is not the money savings that users make, but the reduced environmental footprint that customers leave behind. Clothes last longer, take less effort to clean, smell better and are better for the planet, and all for half the amount you save after just one year of use.”

About The EcoWasher:
The EcoWasher is the most effective and natural way to clean laundry, eliminating the need for chemical detergents while producing brighter colors, softer fabrics and killing bacteria and viruses left behind in clothing. EcoWasher is a new business with a revolutionary new product that will change laundry forever.

Contact Info:
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Organization: Ozone Washer
Phone: (866) 404-7878
Website: http://www.ozone-washer.com/

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