Ozen Electrique Launches Campaign to Warn Consumers About DIY Electrical Work

Recent forest fire just one example of DIY electrical work gone bad, reports OzenElectrique.com. Firm urges safety over impatience or saving a little money.

With the advent of so many do-it-yourself television shows, homeowners often feel they are fully qualified to begin a number of projects around the house. While it may be all well and good for them to swap out the wallpaper, home improvement experts warn about tackling electrical projects on their own. According to a recent report released, a forest fire resulting in four deaths and 76,000 acres of burnt property was caused by sparks from a homeowner installing his own hot tub. According to Bruno Quenneville, spokesperson for Ozen Électrique, a local Montreal electrical company, this type of catastrophe is far too common.

"For those who aren't qualified, doing any sort of electrical work is always a gamble, risking fire, shocks, even death. There could also be the added cost of legal fees, too. It's just not worth it!", says Quenneville. With this in mind, Ozen Électrique has launched a campaign to make homeowners (and business owners as well) aware of the dangers involved with electrical work.

Bruno Quenneville explains, "It always looks easy on television, but in reality, things like having a hot tub installed should be handled by a maitre electricien. While it may seem like all the electricien is doing is connecting wires, there are a number of other tasks which must be done as well to make sure it's operated safely. Furthermore, a licensed electricien is an expert on all local codes and safety requirements. They will know if the wiring is up to code or if it's still live."

Perhaps the most common reason consumers give for not hiring an electrician is that they want to save money, but as Bruno Queneville details, "You're paying for more than the actual work. You're paying for their expertise and experience. Much like when you go to see the doctor instead of diagnosing your symptoms yourself, you're paying for their knowledge. And believe it or not, they often have as much schooling as a doctor, allowing them to specialize in certain fields." Ozen Électrique, for example, is a general electrician, focusing on residential, commercial and industrial projects.

The National Fire Prevention Association has released information stating electrical failure or malfunction caused almost 50,000 home fires, resulting in nearly 420 deaths and almost $1.5 billion in damage. "If we can get one message across to the public, it's that the best protection from electrical fires is to partner with a licensed electrical contractor, certified in your area, to do the work.

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