Ownerfy Is Launching J. Pierce & Friends – A Fresh NFT Collection Featuring Contemporary Artist Justin Pierce

NFT innovator, Ownerfy is proud to launch J. Pierce & Friends, a fresh new character collection hand painted and signed by legendary American artist Justin Pierce.

Great news for fans of high-end art and NFTs. Minting has begun for the 4000 limited edition, hand painted, and signed J. Pierce & Friends NFT collection by renowned modern artist, Justin Pierce.

These NFTs will be sold with commercial rights allowing owners to add to the story of the art and profit from their own work or merchandise based on the NFTs they own. Owners will soon be able to create clothing and clothing lines based on these NFTs from the Ownerfy website directly as well.

“J. Pierce stands for everything outside the box. His extraordinary use of colors and patterns as well as his ability to combine elements of fine arts with custom product design are what defines his unique art and makes it so popular among the young and the young at heart,” explains Nick J. of Ownerfy.

J. Pierce’s extensive portfolio includes paintings, clothes, shoes, car wraps, and urban murals. He draws inspiration from the works of such famed artists as Warhol, Seuss, Haring, and Picasso and is constantly discovering fresh insights and artistic direction in art galleries, books, and pop culture in general.

“Justin’s work touches people and speaks to their emotions. It’s no wonder that he’s gained a worldwide following among lovers of high-end art. And we’re super proud that he’s chosen to take his art to the next level by partnering with Ownerfy to launch a limited-edition series of collectible character NFTs,” continues Nick J.

The J. Pierce & Friends NFT collection features 4000 hand painted and signed NFTs.

“We’ve sold almost 600 J. Pierce & Friends NFTs to date. But selling these NFTs is not just about making a profit. We donate 5% of the proceeds for every J. Pierce & Friends collectible that is minted to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Arizona.”

“There are many compelling reasons for artists and enterprises to get onboard with the trend to create higher quality NFTs. They offer a permanent immutable record of who owns anything of value. But even more importantly, NFTs cement the concepts of community and authenticity, and ensure brand protection for businesses large and small,” adds Nick J.

“In Justin’s own words, ‘I’m excited to have Ownerfy take my NFT collection to the next level. J. Pierce & Friends to the moon and beyond.’ Well Justin, we at Ownerfy are just as excited to feature an exclusive NFT collection from such a renowned American contemporary artist,” concludes Nick J.

About the Artist
American modern artist, Justin Pierce is stands out for his unique use of colors and patterns which lends his art an aesthetic that appeals to the young and the young at heart. His passion for marrying fine arts and custom product design shines through in the many paintings, clothes, shoes, car wraps, and urban murals that he’s created. J. Pierce is inspired by such legendary artists as Warhol, Seuss, Haring, and Picasso. He’s always discovering new insights and artistic visions from art galleries, books, and pop culture in general. Justin has been featured on the national news, and the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

About Ownerfy
Ownerfy is an early innovator in NFT technology that helps artists and businesses create higher quality NFTs and smart contracts that meet emerging standards and the demands of enterprise business. Ownerfy NFTs are traded on the world’s largest NFT marketplaces. The company uses the most extensive and valuable blockchain network with the highest quality smart contracts.

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Name: Nick J.
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Organization: J. Pierce & Friends
Address: United States
Website: https://ownerfy.com/jpandfriends

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