Over 40 Ab Solution Review Reveals Secret 12 Minute Per Day Metabolic Trick For People Over 40

Over 40 Ab Solution is actually a Zone-Training system that triggers fat burning through switching on the metabolism, the decline of which comes due to age-related hormonal imbalance.

Shaun and Karen Hadsall, a husband and wife team of fitness training specialist, come forward with what they call ‘A breakthrough Program’ packaged into an ebook to stimulate significant fat loss in just 12-minutes per day and they call it ‘Over 40 Ab Solution’. This program is actually a Zone-Training system that triggers fat burning through switching on the metabolism, the decline of which comes due to age-related hormonal imbalance.

Over 40 Ab Solution came into existence when Karen Hadsall developed Colorectal Cancer and had her body metabolism destroyed by treatment from Chemotherapy; this led to dangerous weight gain and dysfunctional thyroid and adrenal glands (the two major glands responsible for controlling metabolism and producing fat-burning hormones). Metabolism is the capability of body at which it burns fat at rest.

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Fat-deposition enhances the effects of aging which results in sagging skin, aching joints and extreme fatigue alongside the disrupted digestion and weight gain. All of this increases the risk of heart attack, diabetes and hypertension. Over 40 Ab Solution is specifically designed for people (both men and women) over the age of forty who have tried every standard attempt at weight loss and have failed.

Over 40 Ab Solution delivers well-structured step-by-step age-specific workout movements that take just twelve minutes and in a week presents with visibly appreciable results.

Shaun Hadsall calls participation in this program as ‘Taking a bath in fountain of youth.’ This is because after one week, the age-induced symptoms decline and user can experience the boost in their metabolism in the form of plentiful optimistic energy that further motivates them to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Over Ab 40 Solution works on a particular principle of Metabolic Zone Training, meaning that this program efficiently and rapidly works to activate the metabolism by focusing on three key-zones that most other fitness programs don’t know about.

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Zone one is Prime: In this zone, the user is taught how to prime their bodies to burn fat calories first instead of sugar. This reduces fat deposition and provides more energy to ignite the metabolism. It reveals specific primers that help break the viscous cycle of sugar-burning and fat-storage.

Zone two is Release: In this phase, user is handheld through age-specific low-impact 20-second movements to burn out the trapped fat cells with increased caloric burning to 450%. It also increases the surge of fat-burning hormones which further boosts the metabolism and enhances immunity to fight infections.

Zone three is Burn: In this phase, the user witnesses the miraculous transformation as up to 40 stubborn fat cells are burnt out for forty hours straight to reveal the taut underlying six-pack of lean muscle. This zone also increases user endurance up to 100% to use oxygen efficiently to burn fat and maintaining a gorgeous slim physique.

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Over Ab 40 Solution not only helps in weight loss but also improves digestion, diminishes free radicals, reduces joint pain, gives skin a youthful glow, improves sleep, polishes memory and sharpens thinking (it helps tremendously in fight against Alzheimer’s!), all the while enriching body with positive spirits and endless energy alongside an enlivening confidence in one’s mind and body.

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