Over 40 Ab Solution Review Reveals Fat-Melting Shortcut For People Over 40 Struggling With Unwanted Fat

The Over 40 Ab Solution is a new program by fat loss expert Shaun Hadsall that uses "Metabolic Zone Training" to help people over 40 melt off inches of stubborn belly fat weekly.

The Over 40 Ab Solution is a new fat-melting protocol released to the public today by Shaun Hadsall that provides a solution for men and women 40 and older struggling to lose belly fat. The program revolves around a specific 12-minute exercise breakthrough called "Metabolic Zone Training" designed to melt off inches of belly fat in less than a week.

A huge problem for people over 40 is that the advice they receive from personal trainers and fitness professionals is typical geared toward younger people in their 20s and 30s. Due to a change in hormones which occur due to aging traditional workout routines don't work for people in their 40s. In many cases the exercise regimens recommended by most trainers could actually make it more difficult to lose weight.

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According to Shaun Hadsall, author of the Over 40 Ab Solution program, only 12 minutes of exercise is needed and when Metabolic Zone Training is applied the 12-minutes actually burns more fat than an hour of traditional exercise. In addition, the 12-minute ritual increases metabolic burn rate and fat burning capabilities for more than 38 hours straight.

The exercise breakthrough featured in the Over 40 Ab Solution program is based on scientific research. Researchers from two published journals found that Metabolic Zone Training™, when performed only three times weekly, was capable of producing the same results as three long duration cycling sessions of at least 90 minutes each. Studies also found that after only two weeks, participants were able to increase their endurance by 100% while using oxygen more efficiently. Additional Japanese research has found that only four minutes of Metabolic Zone Training™ performed four times per week is capable of improving a subject’s anaerobic capacity by 28% and aerobic power by 15% in as little as six weeks.

The Over 40 Ab Solution is based on three specific zones designed to be performed in a strategic sequence to help people activate metabolic burning capabilities and begin melting fat. While many people tend to focus on popular workout routines, those regimens typically do not work on people over the age of 40.

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Intense workouts often set off a chain reaction that prevents the body from being able to efficiently burn fat. A study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that regular exercise can actually cause one to gain weight, particularly around the abdomen, hips, and thighs because it shuts off the thyroid, an important fat burning gland. The Over 40 Ab Solution works by reprogramming the body to turn that gland back on to begin burning fat.

Shaun Hadsall's Over 40 Ab Solution program comes with an in-depth training manual which explains the entire protocol, a success tracker, fast start guide and a few additional bonus items that provide additional information. The Over 40 Ab Solution is currently available for a discount for a limited time to celebrate the launch of the program.

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