Outdoor Play Equipment Company Vuly Designs Safe and Innovative Trampolines, Monkey Bars, and Outdoor Play Products

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Vuly creates outdoor play equipment with one goal—to provide the world’s safest play products that are strong by design and verified by testing. Vuly trampolines are rigorously tested to withstand American weather conditions and vigorous use.

Vuly's founder started the company to contribute to the world by making healthy play safe and fun. As technology becomes more prevalent each year, children and adults often live a more sedentary lifestyle with increased downtime. Vuly Trampolines seeks to encourage a better lifestyle for humanity by making physical activity fun, safe, and convenient. 

“For over a decade, we’ve pushed the limits of innovation, safety, and fun,” Vuly representatives said. “We strive to engineer the world’s safest outdoor play equipment—ideal for American backyards.”

The company’s outdoor trampolines come with either leaf springs or coil springs. In both cases, the springs are located outside the bouncing area and covered with robust padding secured to the frame. The safety nets are crafted from durable polyethylene with a zip-free net entrance. Vuly also offers accessories like a tent enclosure and sunshade. 

Designing and Testing the World’s Safest Outdoor Play Equipment

Safety is more than a buzzword at Vuly. It is at the core of everything the company does. Each product is put through its paces with purpose-built testing equipment at Vuly’s in-house product laboratory. 

“Battered with intense weather exposure that simulates years in the wild USA climate, we don’t just claim our outdoor play equipment is strong: we prove it,” Vuly’s founder said. “Beware of outdoor play products that don’t back up their safety claims.”

Vuly runs salt spray 72-hour corrosion testing on the aluminum frame to ensure proper rust defense. The company uses a specially designed machine to simulate bounces, testing the limits of weight, force, and durability. With customized weather-simulating machinery, Vuly products undergo accelerated UV exposure, high winds, and pouring rain equal to 3,000 hours in the sun, 1,000 hours in rough 18 mph winds, and 500 hours in 250 tons of pouring rain. The company’s leaf spring trampoline can withstand over 2.5 million spring recoils or approximately 10 years of play. 

“We don’t think it’s enough to meet the minimum when it comes to testing,” Vuly representatives said. “Vuly products are subject to our own range of grueling procedures to make sure they’re not just safe. They’re ready for anything.”

Safe, Affordable Play and Increased Physical Activity

Parents can ensure their children have a safe place to burn their excess energy without breaking the bank, thanks to Vuly outdoor play products. The company’s affordable trampolines, swing sets, monkey bars, and accessories offer countless hours of fun and activity for children without compromising on safety. 

Vuly frequently holds promotions such as free delivery, accessories, or substantial discounts. Visit the website often or subscribe to the company’s newsletter to stay updated with sales and special offers. 

Customizable Swing Sets to Entertain the Whole Family

Vuly also offers modular backyard swing sets. Customers can design and customize each set the way they want. These personalized swing and play sets are intended to last and grow with the family. Each swing set is tested to stand firm through at least 500,000 swings. 

Among Vuly’s unique options for customization are:

— Spin swing, which rotates 360 degrees and offers the feel of a skateboard or snowboard without the fall risk. 

— The hanging cubby lets kids nestle comfortably for a relaxing swing or sensory time. 

— Kids can get a real workout on the monkey swing.

— The toddler swing lets everyone join in the fun. 

— Let kids rebound while they play with the bounce swing and bungee. 

— The seat swing lets kids swing in style. 

— Work on imagination and balance with the wrecking ball. 

— The nest swing offers a comfortable alternative to the traditional seat.

— Lounge on the bed swing to take a load off and relax. 

Revolutionizing the Monkey Bars

Vuly has taken the classic kids’ favorite monkey bars and jungle gyms and re-envisioned a state-of-the-art backyard monkey bars set. With hundreds of possible combinations, the Quest Monkey Bars should entertain the whole family. Crafted from durable, powder-coated steel, this backyard play set has dozens of customizable accessories and add-ons. 


Visit the Vuly website to learn more about the company's versatile, high-quality outdoor play equipment for children and adults. Reach out on Facebook or Twitter to connect with the brand through social media. 

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