Out of the Thin Air - Zap Corona Virus with Ozone Treatment

Ozone (O3) treatment is an environmentally friendly disinfectant that kills viruses and bacteria.

Much is still unclear about the scope of the current Corona Virus and one does not know how much to panic. Is it a pandemic? Should we wrap ourselves in plastic? Although avoiding crowds of any sort is fine by me, one still needs to go to work, school and grocery store.

Every day we receive conflicting reports on the origin and susceptibility of this latest malady. Some sources claim it can spread through the air, some suggest it can also linger on surfaces and be transmitted via contact. So what can one do to stay safe?

Mike Calamus of Calamus-Enterprises.com suggests ozone treatment might be one option. As a 14 year veteran of the industry, cleaning and disinfecting all imaginable and unimaginable places, his company has been trusted to keep such notable objects spic and span like the White House, Joint Base Andrews (where Air Force One is stationed), the Department of Defense, many United States aircraft carriers and my favorite - the US Naval Research Laboratory.

Apparently, ozone completely kills all bacteria, which is why it is the only effective treatment to remove lingering smells (pet stains, hoarder's houses, crime scenes, and cooking smells, etc) as odors are caused by pesky bacteria, a living organism lurking in and on various surfaces.

According to my research from various medical journals, studies affirm that ozone has also been proven to kill SARS. According to the latest findings, the new 2019-nCov Corona virus is almost identical to SARS. Viruses are small particles built of crystals and macromolecules. Unlike bacteria, they can only multiply within the host cell. Ozone treatment destroys viruses by penetrating the protein coat into the nucleic core, thus damaging the viral RNA. Viruses that do not have a protective protein envelope are called "naked viruses", for example, Rhinovirus, Hepatitis A and E, Rotavirus, Polio, etc. I will spare you the rest of very scientific verbiage but the point is - bacteria and viruses have no protection against oxidative stress aka ozone treatment.

Teet Maidla form Odorkillerpro.com explains that Ozone cannot be stored. It must be reconstituted on site safely by a trained operator. Ozone is chemical-free, non-combustible, and converts back into oxygen shortly after use (approximately 30 min). Ozone is an active oxygen, nature's most powerful and purest oxidizing element. Ozone, like oxygen, is natural yet kills 3000 times faster than chlorine (a corrosive chemical), and is 350 times more powerful. Ozone is FDA and USDA approved and certified as organic in 2001.

As we anxiously await updates on Coronavirus, let's keep washing our hands frequently and give ozone treatment a serious consideration. For more information or to speak directly with your local technician, visit https://www.odorremoval.us/virus-bacteria-removal-disinfection/ . News story and photo by Ave Maria Blithe

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