OurCoordinates Offers Unique Couple Bracelets That Make Great Valentine Gift

Gifts are a significant part of any relationship. Gifts help to strengthen relationships. It serves as a reminder that people appreciate their loved one’s presence in life.

OurCoordinates online store has an interesting collection of jewelry designed specifically for couples. Jewelry has always been deemed as ‘women’s best friend’, making this choice of gift a clear winner.

Jewelry is one of the very few items that are more often given as a gift than purchased for oneself, unless they are obsessed about it. This makes it all the more special. The jewelry selection out there is bound to leave one confused, and OurCoordinates makes it easy to narrow down a thoughtful gift.

Individuals don’t have to look for diamond and pearl jewelry to impress their partner. The thoughts behind the gift matter a lot more than its value. OurCoordinates features lovely couples bracelets that are guaranteed to melt the gift receiver’s heart. They manufacture personalized high-quality jewelry made from durable raw materials. Their bestsellers gifts for couples include

• Magnetic bead bracelets
• Magnetic couple bracelets
• Matching coordinate bracelets and necklaces

Their magnetic bracelets are available in 9 appealing colors. The pack comes with 2 bracelets and a gift box. The design is unisex and looks great on both men and women. Individuals who like to play with contrasting colors have an option between the killer combinations - Black & white and red and black.

Every time your bracelet hand comes in close contact with your partner’s bracelet hand, the magnets on the bracelets attract each other. The bracelet serves as a beautiful reminder of one’s love every time this happens. These bracelets are like a symbol of a couple’s closeness and intimacy. Priced at just $24, this makes a memorable gift for years and guarantees fun moments. Their magnetic beads are priced at $45 and have an air of sophistication.

Their coordinates bracelets and necklaces can be personalized using coordinates of any preferred location. It can be the location of their first date, marriage venue or any other place, which is of importance to the couple. Each of the jewelry pieces is hand-engraved with utmost precision and the end-result looks highly professional.

The prime reason they have introduced the coordinates jewelry is to invoke the happy times shared by couples. Every time the couple glances at their bracelet, they are enkindled with happy memories associated with the location. One has to just mention the location and the team will take care of the coordinate's calculation and designing part.

Made of stainless steel material, the bracelet is available in 4 exciting colors - gold, Rose gold, silver and black. The $33 price tag is astonishingly low when compared to the stream of memories the bracelet evokes. Customers can also opt for engraving text instead of coordinates.

OurCoordinates features:
The store features affordable and high-quality jewelry collection. It offers prompt service worldwide, and same-day shipping at no extra cost. Their domestic orders reach within 4 days. Unsatisfied customers have a window period of 14 days to return the jewelry.

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