Oud & Partners Showcases the AAA Grade Oud Oil to the global market

Oud & Partners –the leading retailers and investors in the production of the finest Oud Oil on the market recently announced its showcasing the world’s finest Oud Oil to international consumers and investors.

Oud & Partners aims at showcasing its finest quality of AAA grade Oud Oil to the international markets. Having over a century of relevant experience in the Agarwood and Oud Oil industry, Oud & Partners has extended its market base to regions like Singapore and Paris for providing the finest range of AAA grade Agarwood or Oud Oil to the end consumers. In the pursuit of promoting the genuine quality of high-grade Oud Oil to the international markets, the flagship boutique of Oud & Partners based in Singapore will be opening its doors to the global connoisseurs of Oud Oil in 2019. The Singapore-based boutique will be followed by the dedicated Paris center that will be launched by the end of 2019.

The boutique stores of Oud & Partners will be featuring the finest grades of Oud Oil that are manufactured by making use of the best-in-class, latest technology-oriented methods. For helping the end consumers from all corners of the world get access to AAA grade Oud Oil, Oud & Partners has its plantations & distillations facilities located in Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand. At the same time, the secure storage facilities of Oud & Partners are located in Zurich and Singapore, while the company has its Sales & Operational offices in Singapore, London, and Hong Kong. Given its worldwide access, Oud & Partners aims at reaching out to the global consumers through its offering of the finest quality of AAA grade Oud Oil on the international markets.

With a reputed retail value of around $50,000 per liter, Oud & Partners aims at serving as a reliable source & supplier through its direct ownership facility. This enables the consumers from the corners of the world to access the highest quality of Oud Oil available worldwide. In addition to this, Oud & Partners through its portal oudpartners.com, also offer the opportunity to buy, and sell Oud Oil after two years of its maturity. As such, using this option of selling the Oud Oil offers the sellers the opportunity to achieve a NET fixed return of 35.4% on oil sold.

Oud & Partners is a company dedicated to extracting, distilling, and supplying the highest quality of AAA grade Oud Oil. This is made possible with its dedicated team of Oud Oil experts comprising of distillers, plantation managers, Oud Sommeliers, and top-end executives ensuring a unique proposition in the given industry. As such, Oud & Partners aims at managing the entire life cycle of the manufacturing and supply of the finest Oud Oil, there focus is towards satiating the demands of the end consumers from all over the world. Oud & Partners focus moving forward is carving out the reputation of being a distinguished brand known the world over for its supreme quality AAA grade Oud Oil, Oud & Partners strives to make it possible with the help of the exclusive 2-year investor partnership program.

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