Oud & Partners Presents The Finest Range of Thai, Indonesian, and Cambodian Oud Oil to the International Markets

Oud & Partners – a leading supplier & distributor of high quality Oud Oil aims at presenting its finest grade of Thai, Indonesian, and Cambodian Oud Oil to international markets

Sustainably produced, top quality Oud Oil has achieved legendary status in recent times across traditional and non traditional markets. Its known as “Liquid Gold” and is used in the world’s most luxurious fragrances by Tom Ford, Gucci, Armani, Dior and more. Market pioneers, Oud & Partners at oudpartners.com, aims at presenting its exclusive range of the finest Thai, Cambodian, and Indonesian Oud Oils, now for sale to traditional and non traditional international markets. With its focus on letting the end users know about the potential health benefits and historic importance of the precious Oud Oil. Oud & Partners aims at upscaling its overall sales through selling there unique range of the finest quality Indonesian, Thai, and Cambodian Oud Oil by the tola (12grams) and by the kilo through a two year investor partnership program.

Catherine Leon – Managing Director at Oud & Partners, says, “The world is now starting to realise the incredible health benefits of pure Oud oil, we have recently seen scientific proof that oud oil is a powerful cancer treatment, this along with many other health benefits makes this oil one of the most amazing natural substances on earth, our aim is to bring Oud oil to the traditional and non-traditional markets, in Europe for instance most have never even heard of Oud oil, we aim to change that.”

In the given pursuit of creating the highest-quality AAA-grade Oud Oil quite famous in the Middle East, China, Japan and Korea, Oud & Partners is also looking forward to soon launching the highest-quality Indian Oud Oil for global consumers. Indian and Cambodian Oud Oil is of the finest quality out there and is, therefore, always in high demand from users all over the world. Being so highly prized due to its wide range of health as well as spiritual benefits, the Oud Oil is a highly sought-after product in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Many Oud Oil collectors around the world simply love the smell and its calming properties, in the Gulf states its known as “The Scent of Heaven”. Once people understand the wide scope of uses and the great demand that exists for pure Oud Oil, its anticipated the market will increase from a current $8 billion to $10 billion within the next few years. Oud & Partners is looking forward to launching its personalised line up of the finest quality high-grade Oud Oil for its end users and traders.

Oud & Partners takes pride in boasting a qualified team of highly experienced distillers, plantation managers, Oud sommeliers, and executives. The entire team at Oud & Partners is committed to managing the entire lifecycle of the precious Oud Oil – its gradually become one of the most in-demand commodities in the world. Having a net retail value of around $50,000 per liter, Oud & Partners aims at serving as a reliable source supplier, offering a direct ownership opportunity –allowing the end customers to get access to the finest quality of Oud Oil presently available. Oud & Partners is known for marketing & supplying AAA-grade Oud Oil from multiple sources across Asia. At the same time, Oud & Partners also sells the aged Oud Oil (belonging to there trading partners) after 24 years of its maturity – this option helps in providing a net fixed return of 35.4 percent on all Oud Oil sold. This is achieved through selling bulk Oud Oil packages to traders , who can then resell to consumers by the tola two years after the Oud Oil has matured. Oud & Partners offer there trading packages with fully integrated entry and exit prices, providing direct ownership, high security storage and an inclusive fully managed resale option. With these limited private partnerships, Oud & Partners aims at presenting the perfect balance of unparalleled Oud Oil artisan in-depth knowledge and bespoke business acumen in the US$8 billion international Oud Oil market.

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