Osiris Wildfire releases a new music album ‘past present future’

Osiris Wildfire, His alternative edge combination of Folk, Funk, Rock Style delivers 2nd album : “past,present,future” to enthuse enduring fans., Co-Produced with Chef Murph AKA Keith Murphy at Cooking in Cold Grease Productions LLC.

Osiris Wildfire releases his first Album “past present future”. He has amassed a strong social following from the streets of Philadelphia, Wowing, Tourist, and locals alike. Playing in front of Reading Terminal on12th Street for the past 4 years in the cold, snow to heat and rain of summer. Now on the internet for millions on YouTube and other social media platforms. With an eye on the future and a respect for the past,

Osiris Wildfire has delivered 1 of 3 albums with an alternative edge to allure newcomers to his world-class talent and the ability to enthuse enduring fans. Developing his own style of “Folk, Funk, Rock” with his acoustic guitar and drum machine. After joining with longtime friend, Chef Murph AKA Keith Murphy his production company Cooking in Cold Grease Productions.

Commenting Chef Murph said, I was tired of my friend playing and hoping for a break. Everybody promised him the world, but know one delivered. I believe in Osiris Wildfire seeing him busking and hustling on the streets of Philly continuing to develop his craft. He has played for benefits, entertain at dinner parties. Even, playing Christmas Music for Shelters during the holidays, while I cooked for the homeless.

Most people don’t know he was a Jingle writer and studio musician in San Francisco. He came home to take care of his mother who was stricken with rheumatoid arthritis. He has become a great friend. I asked, Osiris will he let me help produce his album? He said sure sure. Knowing nothing! September 2018 I started online School at Berklee School of Music, Boston. Finishing a 5-course Certificate in Music Production in December before the holidays. Together, as a team over Christmas Holiday of 2018, we built a sound studio, learned production software and produced 39 Songs, producing 3 albums in 5 long days on the fly. Promises kept, we did it!.

Talking about the new record, Osiris told fans “This album is my testimony to the changes in music in my life from the early 80's to the present time and to the rhythms of the future that are evolving” The Songs are funny, funky, meaningful and even serious,” If God Killed Himself “ talk about your sacrifices to love and dedication. I can see some person in the pew overreacting without listing to the music. My job as a musician is to push your feelings envelope. If I do that my mission is done.

About Osiris Wildfire: He is not just a Folksinger, Rapper and Song Writer who uses a guitar. He accomplished Artist, who has written jingles for TV and Radio. He has performed all across the world. His music is to encourage and support positive changes starting with the heart, Nurturing Mother Earth and our fellow inhabitants, allowing me to be a positive and inspirational being at a high level of consciousness through music. For more information about Osiris Wildfire’s new album and future projects. You can listen to Osiris Wildfire Radio or Watch performances at Osiris Wildfire TV.

Website: http://www.Osiriswildfire.com

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