Orlando Emergency Dentist Urges Patients to Avoid Hospitals for Dental Distress

Having care teams readily available for dental emergencies improves patients' chances of receiving appropriate treatment, publishes emergencydentistinorlando.com

According to the American Dental Association's most recent reports, the number of patients visiting mainstream hospital emergency rooms for urgent dental care needs more than doubled over the course of five years, now totaling more than 2 million. With few exceptions, patients questioned listed lack of access to dental-specific emergency services as their primary motivation for these hospital visits. In an effort to combat this trend, Dr. David Hazan DMD of Orlando Emergency Dentist has launched efforts to increase local awareness of the practice's emergency care team.

Dr. Hazan affirmed, "When someone is in pain, little else matters aside from getting relief as soon as possible. Most never give a second thought to where their nearest emergency dentist may be unless the need for care arises. At that point, the pain typically overshadows their will and even mental ability to pour over page after page of phone books or search engine results to find someone who can help, so they simply head to the local hospital. We want those in our area to understand we're always on hand whether they need us in at midnight on a Saturday, on Christmas Eve or any other time of the day or night."

The majority of hospitals have neither the appropriate equipment nor the necessary medical personnel on hand to deal with dental emergencies. In most cases, patients are given antibiotics, pain medications or a combination of the two as a "band-aid" treatment until they are able to see a dentist. One study published by the Journal of the American Dental Association revealed approximately 100 patients at last count lost their lives as a result of conventional emergency rooms' shortcomings in the dental care field.

Orlando Emergency Dentist classifies abscesses as one of their most commonly treated emergency issues. These types of infections lead to consistent chronic pain and are often accompanied by significant swelling in the affected area. The emergency team also regularly handles filling replacements. Extractions are additionally among the practice's frequently performed procedures.

Concluded Dr. Hazan, "Routine dental care and maintenance can help reduce the likelihood of needing emergency care, but nothing can prevent it. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our phone number and directions to our office are available on our website. We recommend everyone in our area have both of these on hand before an unexpected situation actually arises, so they have ready access to our thorough level of care rather than resorting to the hospital's emergency room."

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