Organifi Offers More Convenient, Affordable Way to Leverage Power of Super Foods

Company's Green Juice powder incorporates 12 organic super foods into all-natural mix that cuts costs and hassles typical of juicing, Organifi reports

Americans now spend an estimated $200 million annually on cold-pressed juice drinks at retail and a further $300 million on equipment for making their own at home. While juicing has become an integral part of everyday life for a great many people, complaints about the associated expense and inconvenience are common. One leading nutritional company has taken up the challenge, with its "Green Juice" powder making it far easier and more affordable than before to enjoy the benefits of juicing. The Organifi Superfood mix is already a top seller on Amazon and starting to open eyes as to how convenient and cost-effective nutritional excellence can be.

"The juicing phenomenon of recent years has truly been impressive, and there can be no doubt that this focus on the power of super foods is here to stay," an Organifi representative said, "Even so, a great many people have found juicing to be less rewarding than they would have hoped. Whether because of the hassle and mess typical of juicing at home or the undeniable expense of buying drinks at retail, people everywhere have been clamoring for a better way to leverage the power of these natural nutritional wonders. Organifi Superfood is the answer that so many have been looking for, and we're proud to be the ones to provide this much-needed solution."

"Juicing" in general is the extraction of liquid from plant matter of any kind, whether by squeezing an orange to produce a breakfast beverage or running a blend of far more exotic ingredients through an expensive cold-pressing device. The popular juicing movement of recent years focuses on the incorporation of juices from so-called "super foods" like kale, blueberries, and green tea into beverages that are typically appreciated as much for their perceived nutritional benefits as for their flavor.

While juicing of this kind now accounts for at least a half-billion dollars in annual economic activity in the United States alone, many who find the claimed benefits attractive discover that the means of obtaining them can be far less satisfying. A Los Angeles Times report from last year, for example, highlighted how retailers in that city regularly charged $12 or more for fresh drinks, with prices still climbing steadily. Those who try juicing at home often discover that the process turns out to be lot messier, more expensive, and more time-consuming than they are willing to accept.

The Organifi Superfood Green Juice powder is the first satisfying answer to this dilemma. By slowly dehydrating and concentrating a carefully selected mix of super foods, Organifi creates a convenient, organic, all-natural powder. With a delicious, refreshing minty flavor, the beverage made from the powder delivers all the benefits of its super-food ingredients, including green tea, chlorella, wheatgrass, ashwagandha, coconut, and others. With a 30-day supply of Organifi Green Juice costing as little as a few drinks bought at retail, access to the benefits inherent in such super foods has never been more affordable or convenient.

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