Organic, GMO-Free Anti Acne Skin Cream By Positive Essence Launches $20 Discount Code

Positive Essence have created an acne treatment using entirely natural ingredients that specializes in rebalancing skin with the change in the seasons, and is offering a special $20 discount on Amazon.

Acne affects millions of people all around the world, and is an auto-immune response to bacterial build up in the pores of the skin, causing redness and soreness as well as white heads, black heads and red irritations. Dealing with acne can be difficult, but studies have shown that the overabundance of sebum is what creates the ideal conditions for bacteria, and sebum is produced in large amounts during the change in seasons, when weather conditions affect skin. Positive Essence has created an all-natural solution to dry skin and acne, and is offering a special discount to encourage people to give it a try.

For a limited time only Positive Essence is offering $20 off the product on the Amazon store. By entering the claim code IR634KFO at checkout, individuals will receive $20 off every purchase made. Positive Essence have launched this seep discount as they know from experience that once customers see the positive effect the cream has on acne and pimples they will continue to purchase the cream.

The product claims to be able to clear pores, blackheads and whiteheads, while stripping the skin of excess sebum which causes the imbalanced conditions that promote acne breakouts. By eradicating acne-causing bacteria, acne is quickly reduced and eliminated as the body can fight the infection to quickly remove red spots and heal damaged skin. It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles by keeping skin balanced and moisturized.

A spokesperson for Positive Essence explained, “Our anti-acne cream is the single best solution for combating acne on the market today, and as we enter summer many people will be finding excess sweating is causing them to break out with acne. This is the ideal time to give our product a try, and in order to encourage people to do so, we have created this exclusive discount code that will entitle people to a huge saving in order to discover for themselves how effective this product can be. All people need to do is enter the claim code IR634KFO at checkout and they will receive a full $20 discount.”

About Positive Essence:
Positive Essence is a natural GMO-free and animal friendly skin treatment enriched with vitamins and green tea extract. Positive Essence fights acne-causing bacteria while keeping skin smooth and protected against wrinkles, with active ingredients that prevent the build-up of Sebum, the single biggest causative factor in acne breakouts. The product is available exclusively through Amazon.

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