OPUMP Breathing Trainer Strengthens Respiratory Muscle To Help Breathe Better

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Used for respiratory muscle training, OPUMP is the first intelligent breathing trainer that can be used independently and connected to OPUMP App to test inspiratory capacity, have breathing training, learn different breathing methods, and track the progress.

OPUMP is to launch its first intelligent breathing trainer on Kickstarter to start the health revolution of breathing training instead of a simple upgrade of traditional devices. Capturing the subtle changes in every breath with sophisticated chips and core algorithms, OPUMP visually presents the data of every breath to users.

A vital lung is essential to take in more oxygen, provide sufficient energy to muscles, and boost cardio endurance. Respiratory muscle training, as a technique to improve the functions of the respiratory muscles, has been found to be beneficial for overall well-being. It helps improve lung functions and boost sports performance and endurance.

A variety of breathing training devices are provided to users in the market, but none of them are user-friendly to meet the real need of individuals. Traditional mechanical breathing trainers are bulky, while innovative training devices cannot detect inspiratory flow rate, and the training effect cannot be guaranteed. Considering breathing training as a daily exercise that people can practice anytime anywhere, and individuals should be enabled to know their current inspiratory capacity, master the right ways of breathing training, and set proper training plans and goals, the team of OPUMP has done plenty of scientific researches and experiments, and designed the first real intelligent and user-friendly breathing trainer.

OPUMP adopts MEMS thermal film flow sensor, which has ultra-high sensitivity and is the most advanced technology in respiratory monitoring. It can accurately capture the real-time speed and volume of your inspiratory and is present by LED light to give you tremendous and straightforward visual feedback.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, OPUMP App guides you through each training session, setting a plan, testing lung capacity, exercise compliance, tracking and analyzing progress according to your age, weight, height, and physical condition.

Besides, OPUMP is small in size and weighs only 100g. It is straightforward to carry and can work continuously for 15 hours. It can be used anytime, anywhere for high-quality breathing training.

Just insert a replaceable mouthpiece into the exerciser, and start training. The real-time speed and volume of your inspiratory can be viewed through the LED on the panel, which enables OPUMP to be used alone without a phone. When it is connected to OPUMP App, more functions will be activated. Rich training content and interactive methods make your breathing training efficient and full of fun.

OPUMP Breathing Trainer is designed with an air resistance system so that you can achieve the best effect every time you breathe. Slowly inhale, maintain the Flow Rate LED within the range required for specific training, and breathe out to raise Flow Volume LED to a specified volume level.

Under the guidance of the OPUMP App, users can also complete more complex breathing training with inhalation, exhalation, and holding breath.

More to Explore

OPUMP provides completely free App support, which can be downloaded in Android Application Market and the iOS App Store.

What’s more, OPUMP App provides enjoyable games for users to learn breathing control in play. Battle with your family and friends to win health.

Bake OPUMP Breathing Trainer on Kickstarter to get actual breathing.

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Name: Irene Well
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