Options Trading Strategies Newsletter And Forum Website Launched

Options trading strategies by Steady Options.com are intended to remove much of the hype surrounding options trading. Trading options is not easy and is not a get-rich-quick process.

Options trading strategies are available in a new newsletter and forum directed at three major groups of investors. There are many ways to trade options. Retail traders can use SteadyOptions with a focus on non-directional trading. The website and forum for this group of traders use a variety of strategies, including Earning-Associated Implied Volatility rise, Iron Condors, Calendar Spreads, straddles and others. As a subscription service, a complete portfolio approach is offered, with full transparency. Performance is based on real fills, rather than hypothetical performance or profit potential.

Steady Options is a subscription advisory which uses diversified strategies to produce positive returns, irrespective of the market conditions. The goal is steady and consistent gains with a high winning ratio, limited risk, and realistic expectations. Approximately ten to fifteen trade ideas per month are suggested with four to six trades open at any one time. Both short term and medium term trades are utilized.

Anchor trades are the second major component of the newsletter and online forum. The goal of an anchor trade is to prevent loss of capital while still capturing a positive net return under all market conditions. The premise of the strategy is that it is possible to fully hedge against market losses without sacrificing all potential for gain. This type of trade looks at the full year and full portfolio protection.

A new addition to Steady Options is called Steady Condors. This strategy is a rules-based non-directional strategy which emphasizes robust risk management. Generally, the strategy requires much less maintenance than SteadyOptions Strategy. This Steady Condors strategy can be traded in large accounts. This strategy is build to be traded in units of $20K. The preferred vehicles are cash-settled index products such as RUT and SPX which receive tax-favoured treatment on Section 1256 contracts. They can be traded in both IRAs and margin accounts.

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