Optimus Ventures Introduces Optimus Launchpad, Presenting An Innovative Way Of Crypto Token Sale Investing

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Optimus is a revolutionary crypto Launchpad with thousands of active investors designed and launched by Optimus Ventures, a crypto-based crowdfunding platform.

Optimus Ventures is a crypto-based crowdfunding platform designed for investors and crypto project leaders. The brand is set on revolutionizing the way investors approach crypto tokens and is already inches away from achieving its goals with the recent launch of Optimus Launchpad.

The Optimus Launchpad is an innovative system designed to provide investors the much-needed protection from untrustworthy and poorly organized projects, while crypto project leaders will have an opportunity to find thousands of investors quickly and reliably.

Many attempts of creating crypto ‘bubbles’ and safe zones in the previous years flopped, whether due to smart contract bugs or DAO attacks. Instead of building a straightforward platform to link investors and project leaders, Optimus went the extra mile by creating a community that keeps the ecosystem alive and functional.

According to the inventors of the Optimus Launchpad, this exquisite invention will revolutionize the way people invest in crypto token sales by tackling the most significant obstacles and challenges investors and project leaders face daily.

Investors who use Optimus Launchpad will have an opportunity to approach crypto projects safely and smartly:

“Optimus is a Launchpad based on a large community of experienced crypto investors and backed by smart contracts. In Optimus, vesting goes both ways. The project’s tokens and funds are locked in a smart contract and are released at pre-determined milestones and based on investors’ voting. The project failed or scammed? No problem, investors will vote “no,” and the remaining vested funds will be returned to them.”

One of the most perturbing elements of crypto investing is crypto volatility, which dissuades investors from holding tokens; leaders of crypto startups and new projects are struggling to maintain a steady stream of investors, but Optimus offers a solution for this problem as well.

The Launchpad is a home for a vibrant community of experienced investors; pitching a project on Optimus Launchpad will present it to professional, highly skilled investors. Project leaders will make an offering to veterans, not crypto-curious traders that will disembark from the project’s bandwagon as soon as first hints of ROI appear:

“Optimus is a revolutionary crypto Launchpad with thousands of active investors. Launching your project in Optimus will instantly put you in front of them. Optimus has a dynamic allocation system meant to reward good investor behavior by giving Hodlers higher allocations, thus further protecting both the project raising funds and the investors investing in it.”

The purpose of the Optimus Launchpad is to an active, healthy community of investors and projects leaders that will support each other and benefit long-term.

To use Optimus Launchpad, investors and project leaders need MetaMask to create their accounts on Optimus Ventures’ official website. More information about Optimus is available on Optimus.ventures.

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Name: J. Casper
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Organization: Optimus
Address: Marshall Islands
Website: https://optimus.ventures

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Name: J. Casper
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Organization: Optimus
Address: Marshall Islands