Optimally Organic Invents New Method of Humic and Fulvic Acid Extraction

Optimally Organic announces their invention of new fulvic acid extraction method using distilled water and no harmful chemicals. The corporation is presently waiting for their pending patent.

Optimally Organic announces their invention of the new water extraction process on fulvic acid. It’s new in the industry and the organization is presently awaiting patent for the same. As the organization informed, “A good number of this as well as humic acid products used for both agriculture and human health are extracted chemically from coal in laboratories.”

Manufacturers, for about a century, have been following extraction of coal with potassium hydroxide for making this component. However, it’s proven that this established process is quite toxic and dangerous for the human health.
Despite the threat, companies continue to follow the same procedure of extraction with license from Organic Certification Agencies which are run by USDA.

According to Optimally Organic, Fulvic and Humic acids together contain large quantities of essential minerals including the trace minerals. These supplements are extremely beneficial for the eye, heart, bone development, digestive health and mental health, etc.

Being an organization solely dedicated to manufacturing superior quality of organic health products, Optimally Organic has, therefore, taken this initiative to follow a safe procedure of extraction.

“Not from coal but we extract the molecules of this component from humic shale. It’s an American version of the blackish-brown exudation, Shilajit. Moreover, we also use only distilled water in the process” said a senior official of Optimally Organic.
Their ionic minerals are brought from opulent rainforests, the purest source of these humate deposits in the world. These are ancient forests which have been imprisoned safely in the southern United States for millions of years by shifting plates.

A researcher of Optimally Organic informed; these 100% organic raw materials have the lowest molecular weight which makes them effectively penetrate the body cells when consumed. For agriculture, these raw materials contribute in a plant’s ability to intake this mineral easily, resulting in the production of healthier plants with more nutrients and vitamins.

The corporation further detailed on their extraction method of fulvic acid. Heat isn’t used anywhere in the process. Also, the experts refrain from using any kind of preservatives in the final product. As it’s a 100% bio-product, the manufacturers do not buffer with any chemical or other such harmful substance. The whole procedure keeps the long chain molecule of humic acid undamaged, making it safe and highly effective for consumption or usage.

Their original ionic composition has in total 77 trace minerals including amino acids and electrolytes. The makers also assure that their product will act as mini ion transporters and an effective multi-directional antioxidant. During the extraction process, there’s no contact with any form of plastic; neither the final product is stored in plastic containers.

Optimally Organic’s Fulvic ionic minerals have already earned recognition of being the purest and the highest standard of humic and fulvic acids to be available anywhere.

About the company:

Optimally Organic INC is a family held corporation with stringent intentions of producing organic health products of optimum quality for the global market. Not only that, but the company also offers their effective products at highly competitive rates. Dedicated towards the betterment of the society, they donate 10% of their profits to various non-profit organizations including UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders and others who work for those in need.

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