OptimaEarth Labs Announces Use of Cutting Edge NovaSOL Technology

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OptimaEarth Labs has announced its use of NovaSOL Technology by Aquanova AG of Germany in it new Liquid Gold health product.

OptimaEarth Labs was looking for a superior delivery method to ensure maximum potency and absorption for their line of health products. It was during this research that they came upon Aquanova AG of Germany and NovaSOL.

NovaSOL Technology is a unique encapsulation method of a natural substance of close to 30 nm in a micelle. The NovaSOL micelle is similar to the physiological micelle formed in the human body during digestion and has a responsibility of digesting nutrients. The most significant advantage of this technology is the fact that the substance in the NovaSOL micelle remains unchanged when in your body regardless of the environmental conditions.

A few facts about NovaSOL technology

• NovaSOL micelle of size 30 nm can correctly carry a wide range of substances.
• You can place up to 10 different substances inside the micelle
• Materials inside the micelle are highly bioactive and bioavailable
• The solution in the micelle is a pure liquid that does not contain water
• You can introduce the micellized solution directly into the existing production process
• The chemical and physical properties of micelle remain unchanged regardless of the environmental conditions.
• Micelles possess better properties and bioavailability than liposomes ad micro-emulsions.
• Micelles are not produced by chemical modifications, which s why they do not have nano-particles
• The bioavailability of the active substances achieved by micellization process is independently based on the transport system of the active material and not on the natural circumstances that affect the formation of physiological micelles in the human body
• GRAS and the FDA confirmed it's safe to use the NovaSOL technology in the US.

Benefits of the NovaSOL technology

NovaSOL powered solutions have led to the development of innovative products in various industries such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many more. The fundamental significance of this technology is the provision of the transparent appearance of substances or the bioavailability of elements. Moreover, it’s clinically proven that NovaSOL solutions guarantee you higher efficacy, increased bioavailability, and bioactivity of materials and broad application scope of preservatives.

NovaSOL technology develops naturally looking amphiphilic micelles that are water and fat-free soluble and which remain chemically unchanged irrespective of the environmental conditions. The greatest strength of this technology is the utilization of a patented and novel delivery system that allows delivery of the active substance at the intestinal cellular wall for easy absorption. The micelle is not fat soluble and hence bypasses the emulsification process which enables the body to achieve a higher bioavailability for the respective actives.

What is NovaSOL Curcumin?

This is one of the products made using NovaSOL technology by Aquanova AG. According to marketing reports, the formula outperforms any material or method that exists out there in the market. The curcumin micelles are said to be completely stable at the pH in the gastric tract where they are delivered to the wall of the small intestine for maximum absorption-which is critical for higher bioavailability.

Most recently, there has been an increased interest that focused on the use of Curcumin due to its ability to treat an extensive variety of disorders without causing any side effects. It's part of the significant turmeric curcuminoids which possesses a characteristic yellow color. Most of the Turmeric supplements available on the market are not absorbed by the body fully because they tend to break down in the Gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) itself rather quickly. OptimaEarth labs spent a long time researching the most modern delivery systems and have released a new liquid Gold curcumin supplement using this technology. Optima Earth Liquid Gold makes use of the patented NovaSOL technology, using Nanospheres called Micelles. In this form, they remain stable until they hit the wall of the GI tract and then deliver the full dosage. The technology is safe to use, and you can find products produced using this technology in the US markets.

To read more about OptimaEarth Liquid Gold and NovaSol Curcumin please visit. https:// optimaearth.com/novasol-info/

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Name: Tony Jones
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Organization: OptimaEarth Labs
Address: Optima Earth Labs - 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. # 22599 Houston, TX 77043 USA