Open Head NFT Becomes The First Fully On-chain NFT Raffles Hosted In The Smart Contract

Set for a big launch on December 16th, Open Head NFT will feature 10,000 unique NFTs available for minting. For its release Raffle, the team offers a fantastic prize where one lucky winner will get 100 ETH.

Open Head NFT is out to become a game-changer in the market by becoming the first fully on-chain NFT Raffles hosted in the Smart Contract.

The Open Head NFT project is set to launch on December 16th, which will feature 10,000 unique NFTs available for minting. It would take 0.07 ETH + gas to mint an NFT.

“Humans are no longer born with the top of our heads sealed off to the elements. Sure, it can get a little cold during winter – but the boost in information intake and worldly perspective is nothing short of incredible. We, at Open Head NFT, are here to share with you every glory of being a liter-ally open-minded person,” the Open Head NFT team said in a post.

For OpenHeadNFT’s release Raffle, the team offers an equally amazing prize where one lucky winner will get 100 ETH.

“We did warn you that our rather open heads may lead us to make some rather extravagant gestures. This is a very real and calculated prize with which we demonstrate to the Open Head community just how valuable it is to be part of our open-minded movement,” the team said.

Open Head NFT said the raffle funds would only be accessible by the Smart Contract, which means not even Open Head’s development team will have access to them. Once every Open Head NFTs has been minted, the Smart Contract will host the Raffle.

Once the excitement of its Initial ETH Raffle has passed, Open Head NFT will start its sequence of monthly raffles. Each month, prizes will vary, though members can expect the prize always to feature a life-changing amount of ETH.

Firstly, the ETH prize value will consist of a considerable share of the Open Head project monthly earnings. A wallet snapshot will then be taken on a random day every month without prior notification to the community. The Open Head NFT team would then announce that the snapshot has been taken at the same time that the team announces the prize value.

Twenty-four hours later, the Raffle will take place, and the winner will be announced. Only tokens listed for sell above 1 ETH or NOT listed for sell on OpenSea will be eligible for raffle entry.

“We value nothing more than honesty and clarity in all we do. For this reason, the Raffle is hosted in our Smart Contract, so everyone has full visibility on how they are executed. Transparency has always been our top premise,” the team said.

In fairness to Open Head NFT holders of all walks and times present, wallet snapshots will be taken without prior notification to the community. In addition, the team will also review monthly the minimum Raffle Eligibility listing price in order to maintain a 100% fair and transparent platform for all to enjoy.

Those interested or looking to learn more about Open Head NFT may join the Discord Community to find out more. The platform serves as an excellent place for all updates regarding NFT drops, NFT sales, project development, and the official launch.

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