Ontario's Royal Homes Begins Accepting Prefabricated Home Orders for 2016

Still growing impressively after more than 40 years, company looks forward to even more successful projects in coming year as one of Ontario's busiest builders, Royal Homes reports

Royal Homes, a Quality Home Builder In Ontario for more than forty years, announced that it is now accepting orders for homes to be assembled in 2016. Having grown from its roots as a manufacturer of prefabricated cottages to become one of Ontario's busiest and most highly regarded custom home builders of all, Royal Homes delivers industry-leading quality and flexibility with every project. With orders for 2016 homes now being accepted, those interested in what Royal Homes has to offer are encouraged to contact the company soon.

"With so many of our 2015 projects now helping new residents live out their home-ownership dreams," Royal Homes President Pieter Venema said, "we're excited to announce that we are now taking orders for homes to be delivered next year. From tidy cottages to sprawling mansions, each Royal Homes residence is unique and customized to the buyer's every desire. We advise anyone who is interested in moving into a new Royal Homes house next year to get in touch right away."

Although many people are more familiar with site-built housing, sales of homes that are manufactured off-site in modular form have been rising worldwide for decades. Compared to conventional on-site building, this approach can cut costs and improve quality of construction, with the controlled environment of an off-site production facility allowing for greater precision and consistency than messy, noisy, outdoor construction sites.

Since 1971, Royal Homes has been one of Canada's leading producer of manufactured homes. From relatively humble beginnings when it focused on small cottages, the company has steadily expanded in terms of both its offerings and the volume of business it does.

Today, Royal Homes stands as one of Ontario's largest, busiest builders of all, turning out more homes every year than almost any competitor, including those of the traditional, on-site kind. Royal Homes' output now also ranges from the compact, highly affordable cottages that it started with to luxury mansions that include as many as ten bedrooms, three floors, five bathrooms, and 10,000 square feet of living space.

From the smallest to the largest, each of these homes can be customized in almost any desired way, allowing people of all budgets, needs, and goals to have their own dream homes built precisely to their specifications. The company also provides convenient model-home starting points to help inspire prospective buyers. Those interested in cottages, for example, will find helpful suggestions under the "Prefab Cottage Plans - Royal Homes" section of the company's website, while visitors looking for larger homes will find the same under the "Ontario Home Builders Home Plans - Royal Homes" heading.

With orders now being accepted for 2016 deliveries, now is the perfect time for those looking for a dream home in Ontario to visit the Royal Homes website and get in touch with company representatives. Having become one of Ontario's most prolific home builders of all, Royal Homes will manufacture many homes for residents in the coming year, but acting now will help ensure that any 2016 home construction schedule will be met.

About Royal Homes:
From neat cottages to multistory luxury mansions, Royal Homes is one of Ontario's leading builders, producing top-quality prefabricated residences at a 110,000 square-foot, high-precision facility in Wingham.

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