Only Oats Launches A New Canadian Gluten-Free Oatmeal Brand

Only Oats is a Canadian Gluten-free oatmeal brand founded by a small group of Canadian farmers who aim to ensure that those with Celiac disease and gluten-sensitive diets get the kind of oatmeal products they can enjoy.

As rates of celiac disease continue to be on the rise (as they have since 1990), Only Oats has responded to the growing demand for gluten-free products by releasing their new gluten-free Oatmeal Brand. This Canadian oatmeal brand aims to make it easy for those having difficulty finding a replacement for a bowl of oats, a staple in many households.

There has been an increasing demand for gluten-free alternatives to products of every type, but the market still remains fairly small for people with celiac disease or others who want to avoid gluten for health reasons. Only Oats is proudly grown from Canadian farmers, processed and packaged by a Canadian Company, who watch over every step of the process to ensure that only oats are included in their oatmeal products. Hence the name of the team: Only Oats.

To ensure customers that their Canadian oatmeal brand is truly gluten-free, Only Oats have been certified as such. Health Canada requires that any foods labeled as gluten-free must have gluten content that is under 20 PPM (parts per million.) Only Oats goes even further than that, keeping gluten content consistently at levels of under 5 PPM. This means that customers with celiac disease and other kinds of gluten intolerance can enjoy peace of mind in the quality of their food, knowing that it won’t affect them adversely.

Only Oats have a selection of four different products to help customers find precisely the kind of oatmeal they enjoy. These products include gluten-free Oat flour gluten-free quick oats, gluten-free rolled oats, and gluten-free Steel-cut oats. The team aims to keep developing products that ensure oatmeal lovers who want to avoid gluten will always have choices that suit their needs and their tastes.

To learn more about Only Oats, their production methods, the selection of products, and more, you can visit their website at All of their products are grown and designed to be 100% safe for celiac and gluten-sensitive diets from the get-go.

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