Only 1 Token (O1T) out to become the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency

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Only 1 Token (O1T) is bent on becoming the highest priced fungible token in the cryptocurrency industry and the most valuable asset in the world.

“We are making history right now as we sail on a journey to become the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency. Most cryptos have up to trillions of tokens in circulation. We have only one token. The thing is, one O1T token is 50 times more valuable than 1 Bitcoin,” a representative of the company said in a statement.

Only 1 Token (O1T) is a single token with 18 decimals shared by each of its holders who are working together to make O1T the single most valuable asset in the world.

Built into the code are features to provide sustainable benefits to every holder and powerful incentives for holders to provide trading liquidity.

“Built on this token will be an intuitive Binance Smart Chain (BSC) portfolio tracker and a fundraising platform for charity tokens on BSC,” the representative said.

TechRate Audit:

O1T Token has also proudly announced that the O1T contract had been officially audited.

TechRate, an analytics agency focused on blockchain technology and engineering, has conducted a complete audit of the O1T contract, with the report now available on the O1T website.

The Audit took place before the O1T Token released an airdrop, so the current holders are not reflected in the report.

“In the future, we will have a more in-depth audit done as well. This, however, confirms that the code is solid and that the functions work as intended,” the representative stressed.

TechRate Audit’s core team is famous for its reports and technical evaluation of projects. TechRate has a team of professionals with broad experience in the crypto market, specialized in technology and business analytics.

Incentive-based tokenomics:

Initially, every transfer of O1T incurs a 7% fee broken down into three parts: 4.9% is awarded to all holders, 1.9% is awarded to all PancakeSwap liquidity pool (LP) token holders, and the remaining 0.2% is sent to the project evolution fund.

O1T Token said 4.9% of every transfer of O1T is distributed instantly to each O1T holder’s wallet. This is known as a “reflection fee” and is achieved through a mechanism originally developed by Reflect Finance.

O1T Token said among the exciting things set to arrive this year include advertisement options added to portfolio tracker, transaction fees reduced, official PancakeSwap listing, and additional utilities/Decentralized applications (dAPPs).

“We intend to continually develop tools that provide a more user-friendly environment in the world of cryptocurrency,” the representative explained.

O1T aims to become a fee-less token for maximum usability and transferability eventually. The first fee to be reduced will be the liquidity fee. As liquidity grows and becomes more decentralized, this can be gradually reduced until there is no fee anymore.

As the O1T ecosystem grows and more dAPPs and utilities are developed, the reflect and project evolution fees will also be reduced gradually to 0%.

Contact Info:
Name: Johan
Email: Send Email
Organization: Only 1 Token (O1T)
Address: United Kingdom

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Name: Johan
Email: Send Email
Organization: Only 1 Token (O1T)
Address: United Kingdom