Online4Salsa Launches Bachata Classes As New Dance Style Leaps In Popularity

Online4Salsa has provided the best quality online video tutorials for Salsa, and have now expanded to include Bachata as the craze takes hold at home and abroad.

Salsa is a fun and sexy way to enjoy oneself, and is originally a community dance to be enjoyed in large groups at social occasions, before it was transformed into a two person technique. For both, Online4Salsa has provided some of the best regarded free video tuition available, and now launches a new collection of dance instruction for Bachata, a new craze spreading among salsa enthusiasts.

Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic and utilises a three step followed by a tap. The dance eschews the complexity of Salsa dance in favour of a more sensual experience.

Online4Salsa has added to its online Salsa class with an online Bachata class, which aims to provide the same high standard of tuition and depth of learning as in Salsa, but for this smoother and more stimulating movement.

The site also scrutinises the very best of the web and presents it as inspiration to their viewers, giving good examples of technique from the best online sources. Furthermore, it provides resources such as recommended soundtracks, and salsa shoes available online so students can easily equip themselves.

A spokesperson for Online4Salsa explained, “Our site is unique because of the quality and time taken to ensure that the course provides everything one could expect from a paid course, but for free. The salsa lessons available online are often either poor dancers or poor teachers, where we have the rare gift of having one of the best of both to instruct. The course is also clearly set out and organized so users can develop and build upon their technique in the right way. Our instruction is clear and professional, and free. In that, we have beaten all our competitors with the service we offer.”

About Online4Salsa: Online4Salsa provides best quality instruction for Salsa and Bachata dances for free and online. The video courses are well structured and features clearly delineated lessons and recommended songs with which to practice. The site is perfect for those with busy and hectic lifestyles who cannot commit to a traditional course, as well as those who cannot afford the investment.

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