Online Suboxone Doctor In Kentucky To Treat Opioid And Heroin Addiction Available Through Recovery Delivered

Recovery Delivered enables licensed Suboxone doctors in Kentucky to treat addicts and help them kick substance abuse while undergoing detox at home. Detox that includes Suboxone has been shown to be far more effective than treating addiction through traditional means and other drugs.

According to announcements released by Recovery Delivered and Marcus Hansen, an online platform is an excellent place for recovering addicts to get in touch with a licensed and qualified suboxone doctor in Kentucky. This is an excellent opportunity for rural opioid addicts to benefit from the right kind of care prescribed by an authorized practitioner. Often, in a state like Kentucky with a significant rural population, finding a good doctor for addiction recovery can be difficult.

Recovery Delivered plays an important role by enabling recovery through a smartphone and at the subject's home. Through Recovery Delivered, recovering patients can save valuable time and money by availing qualified care and treatment at home without traveling for group discussions, therapy, or entering an in-patient clinic.

Patients are ensured to always receive the right kind of care and that their safety is always a priority at Recovery Delivered. The at-home medical detox is monitored each day via video chat by professionals. The medical detox kit is delivered to the patient's home, and the entire treatment process is confidential. The subjects can combat withdrawal symptoms safely at home without having to visit Suboxone clinics in Kentucky; however, they do need to meet a physician face-to-face once before the treatment can be initiated.

Wherever required, it refers patients for a medical detox to inpatient recovery centers so that the patient can continue to get quality care.

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Marcus Hansen of Recovery Delivered said, “Our mission is to provide Medication Assisted Treatment to as many people in both major cities and rural communities as possible. We are so invested in this mission that we built an entire online platform to remove the barriers to recovery success for our clients. One of the first steps in recovery from opioid addiction is detox. This is normally where most opioid users get cold feet as they are worried about the pain they may feel.”

He continued to say, “However, thanks to science, we are able to limit these withdrawal symptoms through the use of Suboxone and other medications. What our clients like most is that they are able to undergo detox from the comfort of their own homes and with their costs covered by insurance. Recovery Delivered requires all of our clients to meet face to face with a physician prior to receiving the at-home detox kit. This is done for the safety of all our clients.”

On the efficacy of Suboxone in treating heroin and opioid addiction, Hansen said, “Suboxone combines two of the best medications to fight opioid addiction: Buprenorphine and Naloxone. The makers of Suboxone offer this combination because it will not only curb cravings, it will also block the receptors in the brain that receive the high. Finally, there is increased safety in cases of overdose because of the combination of the two medications. Suboxone is prescribed by Recovery Delivered and delivered directly to the patient.”

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Recovery Delivered provides Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) through an online platform. Patients can avail of effective, safe treatment from the comforts of their homes. The confidential process uses Suboxone to help addicts recover from opioid addiction and dependence. The clinic offers an online 12-step program and online group discussions to enable addicts to overcome withdrawal and lead drug-free lives.

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