Online Saddle Store Seeks To Raise Support For Abandoned And Abused Horses

SaddlingUp, a Waverly, West Virginia based online store, is now offering a wide selection of saddles for horses. All the products are of high quality, and are offered at affordable prices.

Most horse owners and riders are constantly seeking quality saddles to add to their selection. Saddles come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. Each one comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Western saddles are popular among cowboy fans and followers. These ornamental saddles are commonly used on working horses across the country. They will work with every type of horse, irrespective of its breed and size. Saddling Up offers western saddles at affordable prices as well.

The company has also introduced a new selection of roping saddles. They are available in 14-inch, 15-inch, and 16-inch seat size. The company also offers half-sizes on special order. The saddles weigh about 42 pounds. They have an antique, leather finish. The edges of the saddles are burnished by hand and died dark brown. Horse riders interested in water jumping, obstacle jumping and racing around barrels opt for dressage saddles. They help the rider and the horse to work in tandem. They are highly functional. The dressage saddles offered by SaddlingUp are ideal for professional riders as well.

Customers can also find young saddles or pony saddles at the company's website. These are perfect for beginning riders. The company sells young saddles for draft horses as well. The saddles are also available in many different colors and styles. The company offers saddle pads for riders of all ages. They are available in many bright colors. They are commonly used by riders across the country for additional support and comfort. The website also offers bareback saddle pads in gel, foam and micro suede. They offer additional support and comfort. Many customers also place orders for custom saddles at the company website. They can customize the saddle size and shape according to the needs of the customers.

SaddlingUp is based in Waverly, West Virginia. The owners have a two acre Horse Farm where they take care of eight horses. Four out of the eight horses were rescued by the founders of Saddling Up from abusive owners. They started the company to earn some additional income to take care of these special animals. Check the company website to get more information about the saddles and place orders online. The website is completely secure. Privacy will not be compromised at any point and credit cards can be used with confidence to pay for the purchase. The order is processed immediately and can be shipped anywhere in the United States. The company can be contacted with the help of the feedback form, which is made available on the website. Discuss questions and concerns, and leave suggestions about their products and services.

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