Online Reputation Repair Requires a Reputation Giant

Online reputation management company squashes negative search engine results for businesses and individuals

The development of the internet and associated social media forums have created tools that are now indispensable for promoting business and professional interests. However, alongside with all these new opportunities comes the negative size of having an online presence – the ease with which company and individual reputations can be damaged. All it takes is for a spiteful competitor, or an unreasonable customer, to post a very negative review and untold commercial damage may result. Similarly, an individual’s good name is now easily ruined by the spreading of malicious rumors or the publicizing of crimes or mistakes committed in earlier years. People tend to assume “there is no smoke without a fire” so this makes online reputation repair extremely challenging.

To effectively fix online reputation involves much more than simply rebutting allegations. As long as negative material remains available online search engines can locate it and new business and other contacts are continually discouraged.

Squash Negative Search Results
The team at Reputation Giant is acutely aware of the problems created by negative information online, and the virtual impossibility of an individual or firm undoing the damage without professional assistance. They have developed a unique service that removes from the web personal and financial details that clients want to keep out of the public eye.

A recent case highlights what can be achieved through reputation management and the ensuing business benefits. Dan D runs a successful house moving company. New business is generated largely on the basis of recommendations, with potential customers usually checking out moving business profiles online. Dan was understandably disturbed to discover that an angry customer posted a bad review of his firm online. He knew the vast majority of his customers were very satisfied and he was always forthcoming if the customer suffered accidental damage to their furnishings in transit. Yet this particular customer would not be placated and decided to take his revenge by damaging Dan’s online reputation. Fortunately, Dan discovered that Reputation Giant offers a highly effective online reputation management service. In his case, the online reputation repair required the development of a customized package to push positive information about his business to the top of the Google Search ratings. After this online reputation repair campaign was implemented, he found that once again new clients came forward and business significantly improved.

Nobody wants to find their business or personal situations places them in desperate need of a fix online reputation service, but when these situations do occur Reputations Giant’s online reputation management process proves invaluable.

About Reputation Giant
Yale Lipschik, a leading member of the Reputation Giant team, explains their mission as follows; “We set up Reputation Giant to help businesspeople, professionals, job applicants and anyone else suffering from damaging information circulating online. Through careful management of social media accounts and developing customized customer online reputation packages, Reputation Giant succeeds in undoing the damage caused by negative online reviews and comments, and helps our clients rebuild a positive personal and commercial online presence."

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