Online Radio Show Puts the Spotlight on Advanced Medical and Dental Treatments

The medical maverick show searches out the best of the best doctors and dentists in their chosen profession. Every week we turn our spotlight on breakthrough medical and dental treatments that can provide advice for the best possible care.

The Medical Maverick Show promises to inform and educate the listener to be better informed about dental and medical issues.

Information is power; it can help in making important decision and come up with solutions that work. The Medical Maverick Show is an online radio show that is designed along these lines to give medical and dental information to patients and the public at large so that an informed decision can be made. The Medical Maverick Show is a source for breakthrough medical and dental treatments.

Join professionals who are providing some of the most amazing results and techniques in their respective industry whether it be Osteoarthritis, Sleep Apnea, diabetic issues, Migraine Headaches or bringing a new smile to someone with missing or crooked teeth. These are professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that the patients and public at large get the best solutions and treatments in order to effectively bring relief to the suffering that may be endured. The show seeks out the best in their respected field and the information which they will give offers the best information available for treatment options that relieve pain or any other suffering that might be afflicting.

The “mavericks” that are brought on the show are passionate in ensuring that every patient receives personal attention and customized care. They take enough time with each individual to discuss oral health problems, cosmetic concerns, pain treatment options, and alternatives.

Dr. Rairigh brings his fifteen years experience, he has been privileged to use his artistic abilities to create some of the most natural and beautiful smiles in the Pittsburgh area. Dr. Rairigh is honored to use his abilities to help achieve the smile someone always wanted and deserved. He treats and cares for his patients as if they are family, with utmost care, respect, and honesty.

Another maverick is Dr. Richard Leung, his clinical skills stand out, and he has been recognized for his passion for dentistry and commitment to ensuring patient comfort and well-being. Since earning his D.D.S., Dr. Rich has carried the same dedication to excellence into his career. He has pursued advanced level training in numerous areas. Dr. Rich brings all his knowledge and skills to our neighborhood, always working hard to maintain a high standard of care and office organization.

Every week the show interviews mavericks in the dental and medical industry, presenting the listeners with an opportunity to learn something new on how they are supposed to manage their health. Booking a date to listen to the show every week will not only help the listener to have a healthy life but also get useful information which comes handy in overall health management.

The show gives the listener a chance to know who is the best in their area of expertise, through this it easy to establish the maverick who is not only easily approachable but one who is stands the best as far as giving the right treatment as concerned.

Tune in to The Medical Maverick Show every week and get the secrets to better overall physical and oral health, it is a show that one should not miss, it is informative, educative as well as useful to anyone who might be having any dental or medical problems.

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