Online marketing just got easier for Alternative Therapists and Holistic Businesses

Holistic Therapists get enormous leg up on marketing themselves online by using content marketing on a new holistic marketing platform.

Responding to growing problem by members of the Holistic Business Community regarding online promotion, approaches the dilemma from the perspective of the client in need of help and the holistic business needing to get online recognition and brand awareness.

The Holistic industry is growing and is a multi-billion dollar industry and has seen its growth in the us alone rise to nearly 15 billion dollars in 2016 with an expected growth to exceed far beyond expectations. This means more and more people seek a holistic approach to health and their environment. Consequently, this growth also means more competition exists and higher risks of unqualified and therapists out to make an easy buck. Holistic businesses and the public require more transparency and need a helping hand to reach the appropriate demographic looking for suitably qualified therapists, counselors and teachers.

The answer is found online by holistic therapies marketing suit which is driven by state of the art content marketing and optimization, the site quickly delivers answers to prospective clients, from information about therapists in their area to questions about fees, reviews, content and special areas of practice and practical advice about when an alternative therapist can help

"By targeting the needs of the client, and making it easy for them to find the help they need, we go above and beyond the old model of an online directory," says Susan Eric, part of the dedicated team of marketing experts at the "Everyone of us on this team has been in that client's shoes. We've found ourselves in life situations where we didn't know where to turn or where to look for help. We know the struggle to sift through the jargon available on sites with no real value to know who we are dealing with.

The uncluttered site is dedicated to directing the person to quickly find Holistic Therapists and Holistic Businesses in their area, listing areas of practice, contact information. "And here's where it gets different," Eric continues. "The site offers real-time promotion of your events, classes, workshops and more to provide helpful information about their practice, including articles, testimonials, videos, and podcasts. All geared to helping the client find the help they need."

The website team includes recognized experts in online marketing, optimization, and content development - including writers and designers that partner with the Holistic Businesses to make sure that the information they display on the site is geared to make the search for help easier for the client and for the holistic businesses to expand their online reach and brand.

The world wide holistic marketing suite is online at https://

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