Online Italian Magazine Seeks to Address Important Health Issues is a newly-founded health and beauty portal. It allows visitors to expand their general knowledge of prettifying products and techniques. Each review and article are written with the user experience in mind, taking into account client opinions on a particular matter. is a freshly-established virtual magazine. Its team is based mainly in Italy and although they have a different professional background, the thing that unifies them is the fact that all of them share a passion for leading a healthy lifestyle. The website was founded with the purpose of providing general advice as well as authentic product reviews to the online community. Users have been having a positive reaction towards it and this is visible from the increased number of visitors.

The idea for the creation of Stile Bio occurred to the main founder late one evening while he was having a discussion with a couple of friends via social media about the benefits of keeping up with a proper diet and including more physical activities into one’s daily routine.

While there are many beauty advice websites present on the Internet, not even a small portion of them can actually provide substantial and unbiased data about the top practices one can successfully carry out at home, nor about the real-life pros and cons of a given product.

A staff member shares that even the most popular and widely advertised cosmetic product can induce irritating side effects and do not always give in the desired results. It is crucial for the average user to try and keep himself as thoroughly informed as possible. He might have, otherwise, wasted his savings for nothing.’s main purpose is to fill in this market gap and allow visitors to have access to reliable and genuine product data. All articles and reviews that are present in the online magazine are the results of conducted long hours of research and many consultations carried out with skin and health experts.

Users appear to like the health and beauty portal’s guidelines and informative tips as their numbers have been gradually increasing in the last couple of months. The founding team seeks to extend this period of satisfaction for the entire period of existence of the website. also features extensive articles on how to enhance one’s natural beauty using organic and easy-to-make home recipes with household goods. This is one of the sections of the online beauty magazine that users like the most.

The products which are to be reviewed are usually hand-picked by the team members. They also carry out vast and extensive research in order to determine the existing client contentment levels. User commentary and opinions are examined in great detail.

Experts who have tested the products or their respective list of ingredients are also brought in in order to give a more objective view on the prettifying goods’ ability to induce lasting results. When asked visitors, state that they place a high value on the team’s determination to give the best possible and objective description.

The interest in the digital health and beauty portal has only been growing. Its popularity is now chasing the statistics of websites who have been present on the Internet for quite some time. This gives the founding team hopes that what they are doing is worthy of public attention. They wish that the success level is only just beginning to expand.

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