Online Fitness Coach Now Available to Gym Shy Clients

You don’t need a membership to a gym for personalized support on the path to a healthy body

New Fitness and Nutrition Programs Offered Online through Texas-based Nutritionist and Personal Trainer Natasha Reyes. The online fitness coach offers courses designed to work with clients on their schedule and from the comfort of their own home. If you’re not comfortable in public or don’t have access to a coach, you can now get your very own access through Natasha Reyes and her online platform.

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Coaching packages can be done to focus exclusively on nutrition, workout, or you can do a combo to take control over both. These monthly packages include weekly check-ins, personalized nutrition meal plans, tracking for workout stats, and video format workouts. A minimum of a three-month commitment is required since the road to success is paved with work, and not instant results that will bounce back the moment you get off track. Working with Natasha is all about building healthy habits and working with an expert who can keep you accountable and safe.

Having someone on your side when working on health goals has significant benefits. First off, Natasha Reyes has worked with tons of body shapes and sizes, with different challenges or needs. Everybody’s body works at different rhythms. Working with a coach who can anticipate those changes or problems and identify what works best with them is part of the package.

Working with an online fitness coach brings the best in terms of support and flexibility. Workouts can be done on your own schedule, either as a regular part of your home life or changing depending on when you’re free if you’re a busy bee. Getting in regular exercise can be hard when you don’t feel motivated but having a coach will keep you accountable as well as support. Sometimes people need guidance or assistance to ensure they are on track, and Natasha provides plenty of both.

Natasha also takes into account the kind of cellular health your body has. With the nutritional package, you'll get individualized nutrition plans and supplements,

That is geared towards doing your body the best good. Between an analysis of your vitamin deficiency and individually tailored nutrition plans, a body can get right on track to utilizing different vitamins and minerals that will build you up. Meals can be challenging to learn or decide what to eat. Diet fads come and go but often leave a monochrome taste after a while. Get a rich and varied diet with Natasha's recipes for a nutritional meal. The recipes often take 30 minutes or less to prepare. They are also friendly to those who are gluten or dairy free. Ready to see what is in store for the new healthy you? Check out the website for offerings and online coaching plans.

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