Onildo Campos to launch a major project in South America

CEO of leading provider of health tech solutions, Novatech Scientific, Onildo Campos set to launch a massive project in South America.

Impact in the medical industry with the development of several medical solutions and spine surgery devices for decades. The apple does not fall far from the tree, and this is the case of Gabriel Campos, the son and successor to Onildo Campos, as he currently runs Novatech Scientific alongside his father. Novatech Scientific is a medical device development company that is set to disrupt the health sector by bringing the most modern techniques for the neurosurgery to South America, consequently making it easier for doctors to conduct better procedures and improve quality of life for patients.

Currently living in Florida, USA, Onildo Campos was born in Pernambuco, Brazil, and has been working on the development of new technologies for the treatment of spinal pain. His contributions have become increasingly notable in the Brazilian market over the last two decades, bringing innovative technology and solutions for surgery in the Northeast region of Brazil.

"It is very gratifying for me to know that I am effectively contributing to the improvement of patients' living conditions. I know I have a great journey ahead, and I feel a great joy in working with my son, passing it to him some of my knowledge and listening to ideas from the young entrepreneur, which motivates me to create more and more," said Onildo Campos.

Prior to establishing Novatech Scientific, Onildo Campos worked in the Brazilian market with major device manufacturers such as Stryker and Saint Jude Medical. One of his major achievements includes pioneering endoscopic spine surgery, becoming the first company in Brazil to use the technology.

Novatech Scientific will be launching a major project in South America with the projected growth and investments in the coming years predicted to dominate the market. The company is introducing the NovaTechDualPolar for improved and better propagation of anesthesia to the targeted zone of the lesion. The primary aim is to ensure optimal outcomes and provide them in the shortest amount of time. This is one of the several state-of-the-art tech solutions designed by Novatech Scientific to enhance the experience of patients.

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