One Two Tree Launches New Thermal Fogging To Control Mosquito Populations In South Florida

One Two Tree is helping individuals stay insulated from the Zika virus by offering a new form of mosquito pest control that works for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Mosquitoes only have a range of between one and three miles, and so the chances of getting bitten by a South American mosquito in Florida may seem negligible. Despite this, human travel is more common now than ever before, and individuals returning to Florida from South American may well bring with them the Zika virus. From there, it only takes one mosquito to bite them to begin spreading it. As such, individuals are now being especially cautious, and pest control company One Two Tree has introduced a new kind of mosquito population control to handle outbreaks more effectively than ever.

As spring arrives, they have implemented the use of Thermal Fogging for Mosquito control in Miami. This thermal fogging treatment is one of the latest and best-known methods for controlling flying insect populations in areas with heavy foliage. Notably used by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to great effect in areas affected by the Zika Virus, this portable system is meant for large scale treatment of indoor and outdoor environments.

Meanwhile, the company offers similarly robust methodologies for pest control in Miami, all as part of just one third of their business, which also offers tree surgery and maintenance, and high quality landscaping services.

A spokesperson for One Two Tree explained, “We have been committed since we first launched to creating the most welcoming, habitable and luxurious outdoor spaces on behalf of our clients, and as peak season for mosquito’s approaches, we understand that there is greater call for more extreme methods this year than ever before. That’s why we have stepped up our game with CDC level mosquito extermination capabilities.”

About One Two Tree: Founded by brothers Marc and Paul Terwilliger, One Two Tree has been proudly servicing South Florida since 1987. Their initial foray into the business came in the form of comprehensive tree care, aiding South Florida by keeping their trees looking clean cut and growing properly. From tree care came lawn care, where customers realized that they needed well-maintained turf to match their beautifully trimmed trees. They then began their journey into Pest Control, using pest identification, control and elimination as efficient methods of attack against invasive pests.

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