On Boca Grande Adds New Premium Property Listings From Sotheby’s International Realty

Sotheby’s International Real Estate Agent Rich Taylor uses OnBocaGrande.com to list his market leading properties for people to secure themselves a glorious island retreat.

Boca Grande is a long island off the west coast of Florida that offers an amazing mix of privacy and convenience, stunning wildlife and modern amenities. It is no surprise then that the island is a favorite among those seeking an island retreat, and properties on the island can go for as much as 20 million dollars, though there are also surprisingly affordable secluded villas for the middle class citizen to enjoy. On Boca Grande has just been updated with the latest property listings from Sotheby’s International real estate agent Rich Taylor, who offers some of the best properties in the region.

Rich Taylor has been working in the real estate business for over ten years and has specialized in properties across Florida, from Gulf to Bay. The new listings on the On Boca Grande website vary from eight hundred thousand to six and a half million dollars, and even include land listings for developers.

The new listings are all replete with high quality images, detailed descriptions, vital statistics of the property and precise location information so that prospective buyers have everything they need to make the right call.

A spokesperson for On Boca Grande explained, “Rich Taylor is a terrific real estate agent and has done wonders on behalf of Sotheby’s International, an unquestionably premium brand in the industry. What’s more, Rich is committed to developing the community he works on behalf of, sitting on several boards for various community focused organizations. As a result, he lives and breathes Florida and understands great deals, and great opportunities, when he sees them. Passing them on to OnBocaGrande.com allows people to find their island paradise more quickly and easily than anywhere else.”

About On Boca Grande: In 2003 Rich Taylor purchased Gulf to Bay Properties and formed a partnership. Rich wanted to brand the company and researched the possibility of working with Sotheby’s. In 2005, Gulf to Bay Properties became Gulf to Bay Sotheby’s International Realty and was one of the first companies to be given the opportunity to be part of such a prestigious brand. Sotheby’s International Realty has grown immensely since 2005 and is now located in 44 countries with 700 offices.

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