OMG Showcases Furnished Apartments and Vacation Rentals

Consumers and businesses prefer furnished rentals as they offer value for the price reports OMG.

In 2010, 94 percent of leisure travelers stated value for the price was the primary reason for choosing a vacation rental lodging rather than other lodging options, according to the MMGY Global/Harrison Group 2012 Portrait of American Travelers. Of the surveyed group, 90 percent state they love the privacy of vacation rentals while 81 percent state having more space is why they choose furnished apartments and other vacation rentals over traditional lodging. "When one finds they need accommodation Los Angeles, a furnished apartment or vacation rental often becomes the preferred choice," Vincent of OMG declares.

OMG provides vacation rentals in a wide variety of locations, including Australia, Italy, Israel, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and the United States. Narrow a search down by the desired arrival and departure dates, the city of choice and more. "Time continues to be limited for most consumers and businesses and OMG understands this. The site designers worked to ensure the perfect property can be located with ease with the help of the site search feature, which takes these factors into account along with many others," Vincent explains.

When searching for a vacation rental or furnished apartment, site visitors wish to know what amenities will be offered with each property. OMG allows visitors to search by proximity to an airport or the beach, air conditioning, toiletries provided and more."Visitors find it easy to located the perfect property every time, thanks to the advanced search features offered on the site. Once a visitor chooses the desired country, he or she enters the arrival and departure rate, property type, desired amenities and other information and the site finds properties which meet the requirements. Visitors never need to sort through properties which don't meet their needs as OMG does the work for them, displaying only those properties which meet the requirements of the visitor," Vincent goes on to say.

Whether one plans to travel to Los Angeles or to Budapest, vacation rentals provide consumers with good value for the price along with privacy and ample space. "From vacation rentals to corporate suites and furnished apartments, OMG can be of assistance in finding the perfect lodging each time and consumers and businesses never need worry about e-mails, inquiries, calls and things of that nature. In addition, OMG provides owners with an easy way to list and rent furnished properties to those most in need of lodging of this type," Vincent states.

About offers travelers a brand new method of renting furnished apartments and owners a method of advertising their properties. Reservations are always secured, even when there is a problem with a property, and owners receive nothing more than confirmed bookings from OMG. Vacation rentals run smoothly thanks to the services offered through OMG.

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